starting d2 again, need suggestions


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Apr 24, 2008
starting d2 again, need suggestions

so ive been inactive when it comes to d2 for a while now. but now ive got a twitch again, but im stumped. i played orb/lightning sorc and a javalin before i quit. but the one thing that annoyed me into oblivion, immunities. so now i need suggestions on a class/build that is versatile and can handle most situations. i would rather not play a hammerdin, but who knows the class might grow on me.
did some research and a wind druid looks good on paper. but im open for suggestions.
edit: i will continue to read up on guides etc but i would appreciate if i get a link or something concrete to google on if you suggest something, and please try not to use to many d2 specific abreviations as im kinda rusty for the moment
Re: starting d2 again, need suggestions

A summoning Necromancer can handle most situations solo and without a high dependency on items. You can find some very good guides on making a decent Summoner on these forums.
Re: starting d2 again, need suggestions

Try a whirlwind/berserk barbarian.

When you're mobbed, just whirl out. When you're IM'ed just Berserk and howl. When there's too many monsters to handle, just leap so they get pushed back.

Barbarians are great at melee and crowd control.

When you are rich, make a Bear Sorc :D

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linky 2

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Re: starting d2 again, need suggestions

leaning towards a hammeridn right now, but im stumped to if my characters are ladder or non ladder as i cant recall the command to show game info. if im lucky i only lost one mule character since my last break. if im unlucky i only have my non ladder characters left.
edit: sigh, looks like im only left with my nonladder characters
Re: starting d2 again, need suggestions

I reroll chars every ladder reset or anytime I start playing after they've expired. If all you have are non ladder chars roll a new ladder toon and start fresh.

I find the fun of games in general to be building the characters, levelling and playing the game. Loot is just gravy.
Re: starting d2 again, need suggestions

I'm biased towards frenzy barbs, so I'll throw my vote for that.

Also, just go ahead and start on ladder. All the cool cats play on ladder 8)
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