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Mar 16, 2020
I've been chatting with SN via PM about Fallout 76, he was interested in trying it now that the game has greatly improved and many bugs are fixed.

76 went on sale on Steam for $9.99 US, so I bought it for myself on PC (already owned on PS4) and gifted it to SN on Stesm, and as of writing this post, he doesn't know yet.

We're going to go explore the Wasteland and see how the game pans out on PC.

The sale price is good until August 16th, so if anyone e else wants to join us, feel free.

The game does include private group voice chat as well.
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Had your fill of D4, huh? :D

Me too... for the time being anyway.
Had your fill of D4, huh? :D

Me too... for the time being anyway.
I decided to skip season 1, after reading about all the nerfs and other stuff.

Truth is, I'm busy with stuff in other games until around November.

I'm still hunting Horseman's Reins in WoW, amd need to level a few more alts to 60 for more chances.
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I'm downloading it now. I just hope that my super modded ak that I was gifted is still there... IDK how that works.
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