Spirit for CL-FO sorc


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Dec 30, 2003
Spirit for CL-FO sorc

It looks like the CL-FO sorc guide by Monk is a bit old. Given the importance of fcr, has Spirit replaced SS or other shields for this build?

It does go against the max block concept described there, but the skills, fcr and mana from Spirit are hard to give up.
I would use Spirit for CL/FO for sure. Even though the slow casting of L/CL depends more on block to be safe than a Fire/Cold hybrid, Chain Lightning also depends heavily on plus skills, FCR and mana, everything that can be gained easily with Spirit.
So... do you try for max block with Spirit? Seems like a ton of dexterity.

Anyone out there have a really high level, killing-machine CL-FO sorc?
No, not block, I would forfeit block in favour of other mods. For block you could try a Viscerataunt, upped and um'ed if you have money. Pdiamonded if you're poor.
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