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SPF Technical Support


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Dec 24, 2019
SPF Technical Support Thread​

If you are aggravated by ATMA or vexed by the version switcher, here is where you should ask for help. Please don’t make additional threads, read here and have a go. If you are still struggling, post here and wait for a reply. Help requests outside of this thread may get merged into here.

Before asking for help, please read the rules, as asking for help on something not allowed in this forum may get you banned. All permitted modifications are described in the rules, if you have any questions, please contact the forum moderators.

Links to all files are in the SPF Community and Links thread. It is recommended that you only use files linked from this thread as they are known to be working. This thread also includes instructions to various permitted practices.

You can ask for help on any supported topic, such as:
  • Running approved versions of D2 in specific operating systems (Linux, Windows 10 etc.)
  • Mulling with ATMA or GoMule
  • RWM installation.
  • Running multiple instances with the DLL files

You may not ask for help on:
  • Anything not permitted by the rules

Playing on BNet
Many of the mods permitted here will cause you problems if you try to play on BNet with them installed. Always use a Vanilla shortcut if you want to play on BNet.

Computer hard drives (even SSDs) have a habit of dying. Most people on this forum have invested significant time into this game, if you don’t want to do an unplanned restart, make backups. Remember to do characters and stashes, and for all versions you play.
Some possible solutions
  • Copy files to a USB stick - Sticks do get lost though.
  • E-mail yourself the files
  • Backup to Google Drive / Dropbox / Microsoft Drive etc.

See also Data Recovery Tips by skiffcz

Frequently Asked Questions
If anyone wants to add items to this section, please PM me the text.

What are all the file extensions?
.d2s - Diablo II save file
.d2x - ATMA / GoMule stash file,
.org - ATMA backup
.ma1 / .ma2 / .ma3 - Map files. This is only the map that you have revealed, removing this does not change the map.

How do I restore an ATMA backup?
Ensure you are restoring the file for the correct reasons before proceeding. Contact both moderators if in any doubt.

Go to the Save folder
Delete the corrupted .d2s (or .d2x) file
Locate the .org file.There may be several for the same character, check the created dates.
Change the file extension from .org to .d2s
Open in Diablo II

How do I restore a GoMule backup?
Ensure you are restoring the file for the correct reasons before proceeding. Contact both moderators if in any doubt.

How do I re-roll a map?
Nightmare or Hell - Change difficulty then return to the difficulty you were playing.
Normal - Go to “Other Multiplayer Games” then “Host Game.”

How do I get RWM/RRM running with Ubuntu?
From @silospen :

3 important steps:

1) Install the mods in the normal way - Note you have to install RWM in the base dir, not a seperate one like the guide suggests.

So you should have something similar to:

D2 dir: /home/you/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Diablo 2
RWM: /home/you/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Diablo 2/data/global/excel/Runes.txt
RRM: /home/you/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Diablo 2/data/local/lng/eng/expansionstring.tbl
/home/you/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Diablo 2/data/local/lng/eng/patchstring.tbl

2) IMPORTANT: Cd to the base d2 directory: cd /home/you/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Diablo 2

If you recall, windows has a box in shortcuts that says "run in". This is not present in Linux, the "run in" variable is taken from the current directory the terminal is in. This is the step I missed and without it, you won't be able to run the mods.

wine Diablo II.exe -direct -txt -ns -w

(Or without the ns and w if you want sound and full screen :) )

Why is Symantec flagging ATMA as a virus/adware?
It is a false positive. This post and this post shows how to get around it.

The game keeps crashing when I try to start it
Try not installing in the default location, i.e. NOT in C:/Program FIles (Windows) or in /Applications (Mac).

If you have already installed it on a Mac, drag it onto the desktop then try to run it.