Spare Zealot Skills


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Oct 19, 2006
Spare Zealot Skills

I know this is usually a dilemma for Fishies but i have a zealot - 20 fan, zeal sacrafice and HS, what do people recommend i use for my remaining skill points? Is vengeance worth it for the PIs or will decrep from my merc and a good thumping from Nords' non physical damage do the trick?
my adivse would be to invest points into the resist skills for the passive bonus to max resists.
rest of the points should go to blessed aim for AR increase, the bonus resists take way too many points to be effective.. especially if it concerns you that much, wear a guardian angel.

more ar = more hits = faster killling & more life leech.
There're many options:

1 Cleansing (to remove curses/poison faster),
1 Vigor (to move faster, especially combined with Charge),
1 Redemption (to remove bodies so they can't be resurrected and some for life/mana regeneration),
1 Salvation (the rescue in dangerous conviction/LR situations)
1 Defiance (prereq. and synergy to Holy Shield),
1 Prayer (prereq.)

This set of skills is very useful, especially for certain areas (Baal runs for instance). Still it's only six points which leaves quite a bunch of points for other uses (for the high level Zealot). It can, in other words, be combined with any other option I've listed here.

Invest the remaining points in Defiance to synergize Holy Shield. This is perhaps the most common choice.

10+ points in Resist Lightning (Cold and Fire is not worth it IMO). 10 points means a maximum resistance of 80% instead of 75%, which may not sound like much but can make a huge difference. 5 more percent units lightning resist and ~15MDR can make the whole Gloam business a lot more comfortable.

Blessed Aim for additional AR, via the passive bonus. I would only choose this route if CtH really was a big issue and if there hardly were any other ways to improve it. That's seldom the case with a Zealot.

Invest the remaining points in Smite to improve the capability of fighting bosses (especially act bosses).
Blessed Aim's passive AR boost is worthless. You'd get maybe 500 AR on top of the ~10K you already had for a 20 point investment. Go with either Defiance to synergize with Holy Shield or Vengeance + Conviction for a backup attack against PI's.
a) Pick all the useful auras from the Defensive tree
b) Turn the frontline enemies into personal tanks (Conversion, me likes this one)
c) Turn yourself into a defense monster (Defiance)
d) Get a new way to handle PIs. But if you ask me, Gimmershred is just about enough.
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