SP questions


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Aug 21, 2006
SP questions

I'm no where new to the game or anything. But mostly just single player, one thing that is really discouraging from continuing to kill monsters alone all day if it's worth it?

Because I'm guessing like myself, most people are sick of b.net hackers..etc but wouldn't the same thing be accomplish-able in SP, if not easier? like why play for months and trade your crazy items for some guy who screwed around in a program for a couple minutes?

Is there a secret society of players where they all know each other mostly, to avoid all this stuff?

I know threads get locked for hack discussion, but it's a legit question so what's up?
Re: SP questions

Snivellus's hello thread had some similar discussion in it towards the end.

As for killing monsters alone all day, it's worth it if you're having fun and you're not neglecting important things too much because of it. So this is going to vary from person to person.

SP is a lot harder than battle.net if you're not cheating. In fact, battle.net is almost pointlessly easy. Trading is also a lot more legitimate in single player, at least on these forums.
Re: SP questions

You can do what some people here do, and that is to avoid trading. I occasionally MP, but I never trade, and thus I never have to worry about receiving a hacked/duped item as part of a trade. If you do decide to trade, you can take received items and put them in quarantine for a while. I've heard of people doing this.

On another note, I noticed you're from Burnaby. Are you liking the dusting of snow? We're just waiting for it to get a little thicker, so we can bring the cats for a walk (we're so mean). :)
Re: SP questions

SP is a different style... it's not so much about competition. There's trading though, and co-op play, but less people out to scam you. There's really no up-side in it for them. Anything they could scam off you, they could dupe up in a second with some trainer or something.

I don't think that SPF is a "secret society"... we're pretty public. In fact, we thrive on honesty and forthrightness (if that's even a word... it should be). We don't talk about hacks and such, pretty much because we're not interested in them. Sometimes we get in heated debates as to where the line should be drawn, but for the most part we get along civilly.

Check out our Daily threads... and the Memorial Bar... that's where we most of the time hang out. Also the Item Find Thread (ITF), where we brag about our finds.
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