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Oct 17, 2007

Hey again! :)

I know people here are more experts than me many times on lore, so I was wondering if someone could just help out and filling in WHICH [WIKI]Soulstones[/WIKI] have really been destroyed, by whom and when?

I added some images to the article, what do you guys think? :)
Re: Soulstones

Mephisto's soulstone is smashed during the Hell Forge quest and Diablo's soulstone is seen be smashing during the last cinematic - Terror's End. Both are smashed by the player.

About Baal's I think it's unknow what happen to it. Baal recover it from Malr..(whatever is name is...) in the prison cinematic. But I don't think it's destroyed after the death of Baal. Maybe it will be the base of D3 plot.

EDIT: I check the wiki and there a few things that you might want to check out. Mephisto's soulstone was breaked into smaller pieces - 7 pieces I think - by the corrupt Zakarum and each one plugded into the head of the priests creating the Council - 6 members. The bigger one went into the High Priest that enbody Mephisto himself.

About Diablo you might want to add that the Hero that defeat him in D1 plunged his soulstone into his head to contain him but end up corrupted - the dark wanderer from D2.
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Re: Soulstones

You can actually see it drop from Baal when he dies. It was something I noticed for the first time just the other day. Story wise, I don't know if you take it back to the Hellforge to give it a whack, but they didn't forget about it.
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