Sort Of A Trade Question


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Jun 23, 2003
Sort Of A Trade Question

Does anyone know what that stats are on the 3/20/20 small charm that is mass duped not supposed to be traded? I tried looking several places here but could not find a stat breakout. They are only referred to as "3/20/20s" I just found a small charm with stats with 3/20/20 numbering while MFing the Pit in Hell and need to know if I'm allowed to trade it in the trade forums.
Those are the correct stats.

And I believe the are off limits to trade here in the forums.

Just to add though, if you self found a 3/20/20, for the love of god don't trade it, keep it. It would be nice to know it would never poof on you like just about every other 3/20/20 can. I know I would never trade something like that if I knew for a FACT it was legitimate, i.e. self-found. Same with a 40/15, or like a SOJ.
Thanks for the response. Yea, that's what I found. Even though it's legit I will abide by the rules and never offer up for trade on this site (darn those dupers!). Guess I'll keep it on my Zealot and have the satisfaction of owning/using a legit one.
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