Sorceress Skill Rundown Advice Building New Sorc


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Dec 3, 2004
Sorceress Skill Rundown Advice Building New Sorc

Sup guys I just got back on D2 haven't played since 1.09 and would like to have the rundown of how the skills are these days so if someone could help me out and give suggestions as to what kind of sorc I should make plz do.

I'm gonna need to make this an MF sorc so I can get some items and stuff. Also would be helpful if someone could tell me what the best merc to get would be. Also where to MF at. I know pindle meph baal, but who else can drop super high lvl uniques?

Whats best places to get exp too ?

I kinda need quick responses cuz I'm sittin on a bunch of skill points and am eager to go !

Peace out thanks for replies in advance.
Quick enough? Welcome to forums BTW...

Sorc's in 1.10 are very different, the big spell now adays is Blizzard for many mf'ers but there are also many other possiblities. Blizz is just the easiest in my opinion.

Alot of skills these days have something called synergies, these add extra dmg to skills or effect things such as their times and effectivness. With Blizzard, synergies include Ice Bolt, Ice Blast, Glacial Spike, and as always Cold Mastery (which subtracts from resistance, not adds dmg.) These will make the dmg of many spells ridiculous such as lightning, which can go to more than 40k dmg.

When making a Blizzard sorc (which I suggest) you should just max all of the synergies as soon as you can. As long with the common spells such as teleport, warmth and static field.

This build will be able to run mephisto, andariel, pindle, and also the ancient tunnels (which is a lvl with lvl 85 monsters, which you can ask for help in the statistics forum).

This sorc will make your mfing simple.

If you want something more flexible, try a meteorb build.

You can find guides to all of these types by checking the link at the top of this forum.

GOOD LUCK :thumbsup:

Well I asked for help here because I didn't want to be reading for hours. I looked at a couple builds but I need 1.10 advice you know ? Cuz I haven't played since 1.09, so I have ideas but they might not be good. Like I was planning on making a zon like my old one but discovered that nowadays the skills I planned to use are not so good.
Zons still run alot off of lightning fury...

But bowzons. Or buriza zons even, as you may have been used to aren't as powerful as they used to be. Sadly... though strafezons have made a bic impact on bowzons of today.

But theres probly much more information in the amazon forum.

Hope my advice helped you out though. :thumbsup:

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