Sorc and Life/mana Steal


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Oct 8, 2004
Sorc and Life/mana Steal

Okay, don't beat me too hard here....

I've played for LOD quite a while now(6 months) but since I'm an old man with a family and a business to look after I don't get to play much. As such, I rely on you guys to break the game down for me.

With that in mind, here's my question. I know with my Zon if I throw a jav the only leeching I get is from the physical damage. So I'm thinking of starting a Sorc today and then I start wondering...."can a sorc leech at all using FB/Meteor/FO etc.?"

I think not..If so, what are the tricks if any to out create this is problem?...assuming it's even a problem, of course.

No spells can leech. Casters can however benefit from items that provide +mana after kills.
Sorcs don't leech (apart from Enchantresses, of course). However, you have two ways to help here:

a) Warmth. The sorceress is the only class with a passive skill to increase her rate of mana regeneration, and there's a good reason for that...
b) Big mana pool. The more mana you have, the faster (in terms of mana regained per second) it regenerates.

However, it does kind of depend what build you're going for. A sorceress who is spamming Fireballs all over the place will need a lot more mana than one who summons Hydras or Meteors and then waits (since both Hydra and Meteor are timered and can't be spammed).
There is one way that I know of where you can leach mana. You would need items with +Mana / Kill. My Blizz/Meteor Sorc didn't use that at all and had no problems. You can buy blue potions, so that's your best bet. Use them!
Potions are the way to go. In the beginning a sorc can have a hard time with mana and mana/kill helps. Most of the time you want to put points in energy at the start, but for most builds you should resist the urge. A sorc is best off going melee till act 3 or 4 and than start using your spells.
Timered spells don't need a large mana pool, these are FO, blizzard, meteor, no points in energy are necesary if these are your main spells. If you use untimered spells like Fireball, Chain lightning, Lightning, you might want to put a few points in energy.
1 point in warmth has to do the trick generally, because you will need your skill points in the end and mana potions are cheep.

Health should not be a problem, because you are not supposed to get hit.
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