some questions


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Nov 14, 2006
some questions

hi there
i am playing d2lod v1.11b .i want to know the following things.

1.)can all runewords like insight wind voice of reason etc be formed in the single player mode?
2.)can all items(ladder only items) drop in single player?
3.)what are the uber monsters and what r the special keys?can i play against them in single player?
4.)what are RRMand RWM. What do they do and what are they used for?do they come under twinking or non twinking?

hope i get these answers...
The stickied FAQ have all of those answers :p


1. If you have RWM installed then yes.
2. yes
3. the ubers are a realm only feature and not enabled in SP
4. RRM = Red Rune mod (makes the runes red not white)
RWM = Rune word mod... enables realm only runewords in SP
1.) In unmodded v1.11 Single Player, you can make the following runewords:
* All 24 original 1.09 runewords
* The first batch of runewords (20 of them, from Beast to Stone) were introduced to SP in v1.10
* v1.11 added Duress, Prudence, Splendor and Wind, as well as the 7 class-oriented armor runewords (Treachery, Peace, etc.)
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