Some help needed

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Jul 24, 2008
Some help needed

All right, so I was thinking of giving the version switcher another shot (I'm using multi-installs right now, but I think I figured the problem out with the version switcher)

So, I need the dll files for 1.06b, right?

Well, it turns out that Blizzard's FTP servers with them don't work anymore (More info on this - It seems that the submirror doesn't work, I toyed around a bit with an ftp client), and of course the File Planet link on Phrozen with the installer doesn't work... Either (all others do, of course).

I do have a working install, but I think it's 1.06 and not 1.06b, plus, copying the corresponding files didn't seem to work.

Does anyone have a zip or something with the neccesary files for 1.06b with TrenShadow's version switcher?
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