So many builds, so little time.......


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Sep 9, 2004
So many builds, so little time.......

What builds do you want to make but just don't have the time to get to? What do you want to accomplish but just keep getting pulled away from?

Well, I've finally got a kick a$$ MF'er with Dr. Doom my Necro, the pit keeps calling my name ,I can see the uber green and gold, but I'm currently playing Hank the Heaven's Paladin.

I would also like to build a boltress and a Hamerdin and an Elemental Druid.

Haida Bear.
Well after putting my HC meteorb on hold, after beating NM Baal, I've Mat'd my SC meteorb MFer. Did a bunch of pit and pindle runs (got a Gheed's but only 24% lol)...

Now I'm ready to start a new build (bout time).

Wind Druid
Poison 'Sassin
IK WW Barbie
Frenzy Barbie

It's been so long since I've started a new build, cause I keep starting over, that I've built up a hefty backlog of things I want to try. lol

I think I'll do a melee this time around. Maybe a frenzy with a shield? Who knows.
nethervoid said:
I think I'll do a melee this time around. Maybe a frenzy with a shield? Who knows.
That's actually not possible. You can only use frenzy with 2 one-handed weapons. Or didn't I understand the irony? However, I have a bunch of builds to try, too. Just too many to list... :-/
Great question. I want to Mat/Pat one of each class. I've only done a GA/LF 'zon in 1.09, a Frenzy Barb (1.09) and a Bliz/Meteor Sorc (1.10).

Currenty Projects

IK WW Barb (level 41)
Wind Druid (level 9 - not much work here yet)


Booyaka Barb (leaper)
Concentration Barb

I'll finish when I'm old and grey.
Very good question! :thumbsup:

I have finally gotten around to spending some serious time with the following characters:

Skullcrusher – IK Barb (level 48 – Act 1, NM)
Jadam – Windyzon (level 50 – Act 1, NM)
Nyctalinth – Werebear (level 49 – Act 2, NM)

And a little time with the following characters (no idea on levels and locations):

Flamm – Phoenix Strike Assassin
Twilight – Blade Fury Assassin
Fanskar – Werewolf

The following characters are in Hell, and will be Matriarched/Patriarched at some point:

Cadence – Meteorb Sorceress (level 82ish – Act 4, Hell)
Catalyst – Hammerdin (level 89 – Act 1, Hell) ? Parked securely in the Pit

Do I dare list all of the characters I have on the drawing board?

Dave :teeth:
Finished Builds

Mat. Rayne: 89 Sorc, Firewall/Orb (Meph runner)
Mat. Yonfi: 87 Zon, CS/LF (retired)

Current Projects

AlphaMale: 70 Druid, Furywolf (on hold for Battle Royale, A5 NM)
Eddy: 57 Barb, Double Throw (trying to be unique, A3 NM)
GhostShock: 74 ASN, Fade/Traps (no vitality, A1 Hell)
Kapowi: 84 Sorc, Fire Tree (A5 Hell)
Monster: 25 Skellimancer (to MP with my son, A3)

Future Projects

Phoenyx: 1 Sorc, Enchant (made, deleted, remade, deleted, remade)
Stryke: 1 Sorc, Blizzard
>>Insert Multiple WoW chars here<<

I keep putting off Pat/Matting my chars in Hell to try new and unique builds. I'm buying WoW later this week, so that will most likely put D2 on the back burner for a month or two. However, I'd still like to finish my 3 chars in Hell, so most likely I'll be trying to form MP games to get them done quickly. I've made and deleted over 10 paladins in the last year. I just can't find any enjoyment in them. If WoW doesn't consume me for the next few months, I'll try for the 7 Pats/Mats in 1.10. Paladin will most likely be the last one to make it... or maybe I should just shoot for 7 Sorcs... wait, no that's not the same I guess. =p
I've finished the following builds @ lvl 90

Fireblast/Lightning Sentry
Strafe/Frozen Arrow

I've got the following builds at the end of hell (just not lvl 90 yet):

1-H Axe Beserker
Dual Stormlash Frenzy Barb (missing one Stormlash)
Rabies/Fireclaws (really fun build - expensive wand tho!)
Throwbarb (quad gimmershreds)

The following builds are just starting Hell (lvl 70s):
Poisonmancer (way too easy, even hell act 2 - with Death's Web)
Phoenix Strike/Dragon Talon
Wind Druid

The following builds are mid-end nightmare (lvl 40-50s)
Strafe/Lightning Strike
Chain Lightning/Orb
Spear Whirlwind

The follow builds are mid-normal (lvl 20-30):
Fire Druid
Lightning Strike/Dragon Talon

The follow builds need to be started:
Dark Templar (fireball/FoH)
Immobasin (Blades of Ice / Dragon Tail)

The following builds I still need gear for:
Dagger Frenzy - 2x Fleshrippers
WW Assassin - Ohm rune (can't wait to play this one!!!)
I'm always creating new characters that I have great plans for that never really get off the ground. The only ones I'm really playing right now are my trapsin my hammerdin and my MF:er. But both the trapper the hammerer are really low level still. Trying to MF some nice gear for them for when they grow up.

But on the backburner are a load of builds. One of those fancy blizzard sorcs everyone is talking about nowadays for instance. CoT/Phoenix striker. Blade Fury sin. Rabies Druid. Fury druid. Wind druid Strafer with Frozen Arrow. And so on.
I don't know where to begin with possible builds!

An honest-to-goodness Whirlwind Barb -- maybe without synergies, I won't get bored with him and quit!
Bone Necromancer
Charged Boltress
Two-handed Avenger
Bog-standard Fanatic Zealot, just to see how they've changed
Pure martial arts Assassin (not sure what to make of her beyond that)
Werewolf of some flavor

Of course, I'd have to spend a lot more time playing than I already do, which would impact my life adversely... but who needs a life anyway? :uhhuh:

I'm still planning

WW barb with two Deathcleavers
Frenzy barb with Stormlash and Schaeffer's, need to find a Stormlash first
Blizzard meteor sorc

In 1.07 have to Mat my sorc and make a WW spear barb

I hardly have time to do all of that, because I want to get my sorc to lvl 99, finish the grail and find an Ohm for CtA. On top of all of that I need to eat, sleep and work.
Lots more on the drawing board and in my head then I'll ever actualy get to. However, there are a few builds that I'm curently working on:

Jamaica - Enchantress, just got to Act V at lvl 80
Furious D - Fury Druid - same story as above
LittleJohn - Ribcrakcer 'zerker currently lvl 24 or so in Act II
AlphaWolf - Rabid Summoner (revived after I found my carrion wind) lvl 40 or so

And eventually I'd like to remake my namesake, Jihad, a 2 handed martyr. But it'll be awhile before I get around to that.
Finished ones: 7 Pat/Mats, no druids, sins though.

Currently in process : a Hammerdin, a Chargeboltress, a fury sin, a FC werebear, a FA bowzon and a Trang Oul's necro.

Coming up next : 21 other builds at last count last week. Includes 7 different pallies. Don't know whether I want to list them though. :teeth:
I only have one current projetc, and 1 on the backburner so to speak.
It is a rather massive project though........

Matrix theme HC septavirate:

Guardian Niobe - LF-javazon - Finished - lvl 82
Guardian Trinity - Trapassassin - Finished - lvl 84
Morpheus - Concentrate/Iron barb - act IV, norm - lvl 40
The Twins - Shockbear + Grizzly - act III, norm - lvl 32
Merovingian - Fishymancer - act I, nm - lvl 50
Guardian Agent Smith - Fanatic zealot/convertadin - Finished - lvl 83
Persephone - Fire and Ice sorc - act I, nm - lvl 50

As you can see, quite a lot done, but also still a looong way to go. To complement this 'char grail' i am also trying to get a selffound item grail together. That is currently at 37,48% finished, if i include runes. The goal is just an item grail though, but i'm too lazy to calculate that percentage. probably about the same anyway.

So my current plans: get a better MF'er in hell (read fishymancer and vegasorc). In the meantime try to keep morpheus alive, although i am still not very comfortable with him. He would have done better twinked, but I'll try and will be very dissappointed if he doesn't make it to hell at least.
After that I 'll return to my bear, hopefully with enough items to give him the twinking that I allow myself (1 in nm/2 in nm/3 in hell), according to the septavirate standards set by butzull.

So you'll see a big happy thread in a few years :D


So plenty of work ahead,
Current Projects (all 1.10 SC, no pats/mats yet):

Celtic_Mist - Level 83 BlizzardWall Sorc
Neo - Level 82 Fishymancer
Aragorn - Level 49 Sword Frenzybarb
Kiera - Level 43 Multizon
Patrick - Level 41 Hammerdin
Malick - Level 27 Bonemancer (hoping for Marrowalks)

Windy Druid
Shapeshifter druid
Axe or Polearm Beserker Barb
Assassin (??)
IK Barb if I ever find ANY of the pieces besides boots
Here you have my entire D2X history, the short version:
It´s 1.10 when not stated otherwise. The characters in progress are hardcore unless started otherwise.

All of them are played untwinked, full-clear-once.

Finished characters:

* Adriella, FO/FW Sorceress (1.09) - Matriarch

* VenomousVixen, LF/PJ Javazon (1.09) - Matriarch

* Whaizzzzg, reflective damage Necromancer (Thorns merc, Revives, Bone Spear, CE; 1.09) - Patriarch

* Surya, MA Assassin (1.09) Was going to be a Phoenix Striker, but she found Tiamat´s Rebuke in late NM (when I had invested 15 points in PS! :rant: ), and I found out that it was much easier and more effective to simply go with TS/DT - Matriarch

* Diana, Bowazon (Multishot/FA, 1.09) - Dead (MSLE Shaman in Hell Cold Plains. I was happily firing Piercing Freezing Arrows to shatter minions. I didn´t even see the bugger until it was too late. My first HC death and a huge lesson learned)

* Bones :lol:, Bone Necromancer (1.09). Had to use Bone/Grim Wands, Bone Shields and Bone Helms or their exceptional/elite versions. Bone Spirit was his major spell, along with Corpse Explosion, Bone Prison and, of course, Bone Armor - Patriarch

* Sapphidia (renamed to Sapphidia-P (for Prototype)), Swordmistress (2h-sword amazon with fire rogue, no Decoy/Valk; 1.09) - Matriarch

* Hot-Babe, Fire-skills-only Sorceress with barb merc (1.09) - Dead (Holy Shock Spectral Hit Moon Lord in Hell Crystalline Passage)

* Mike the Mojomancer (Curses-only Necro with Isolde the Fire Rogue; 1.09) - Dead (one-hit killed by Hell Korlic´s Leap Attack (while he was Cursed))

* Venus-Fly, Traps Assassin (1.09) - Dead (Extra Strong boss + minion undead fetish explosions in NM Swampy Pit, another lesson learned)

* Stabinia, Tourney Daggerzon (1.09) - Dead (Conviction + CE skeleton boss death nova in NM Pit.) Real cause of death: Greed!
(Cool detail: mercs were Hardcore in this tournament. Stabinia´s merc was still with her at her death!)

* Bengt, No-direct-damage EVER, no-merc, no-Revives necromancer. (1.09) He was sort of a variant Golemancer/Lord of Mages, slightly reminiscent of Sirian´s legendary Skeletorr - Guardian

* Diana, Skillz Tourney Talonsin (only up to lvl 12 skills allowed) - Dead (NM Madawc, FE bug)

* Gabrielle, no-merc, no-gloves, no-Decoy, light armor types Staff Amazon - Dead (NM Talic)

* Brynhilde, Tourney Tankazon (Valkazon is a more appropriate name; she is a living testament to the awesome tanking power of the 1.10 Valk, how good a properly outfitted Holy Freeze merc can be and the incredible usefulness of the Black-Smoke-Rhyme triumvirate) - Guardian

Characters in progress:

* Jules, Avenger/Ranger hybrid (1.09, Softcore) - starting act 5 Normal
"...and you will know that my name is the LORD when I lay my Vengeance upon you!!"

* Ursus, Hunter Druid with maxed Armageddon (to use against PIs) and a big damn bear alongside him (1.09, SC). His Might merc already has two awesome exceptional uniques to choose from: Hone Sundan and Kelpie Snare - Starting act 5 NM

* Slump-Maja, random skills/stats sorceress (1.09, SC) - just starting act 3 Normal

* Fattigman (translates to "poor man"), not-allowed-to-touch-gold Barbarian (1.09, SC) - just starting act 4 Hell

* SniperViper, bow Assassin (1.09) - act 5 Normal (I think)

* Stabber, Daggermancer (1.09) - just starting out (lvl 6)

* Bladys Highkick, fists/kick Assassin (1.09). Will use Phoenix Strike, kicks and eventually maxed Blade Fury - just made Destroyer
"I don´t need no stinkin´weapons!"

* Meleelita, melee Sorceress (1.09, SC) - Has just deafeated NM Duriel

* Artemis, Bowazon retry (1.09) - somewhere in late Normal

* HotBabe, fire skills-only Sorcie retry (1.09) - somewhere in mid-NM

* Ai-San, Samurai (2h-sword Assassin) (1.09) - late Normal

* SniperBlazie, 'silly build' Tourney Blaze Enchantress - starting Hell Crystalline Passage (my first character to reach Hell in 1.10)

* Bohemia, random stat/skills Tourney Amazon (1.09) - just made Destroyer

* Lucky, random stat/skills Tourney Amazon - about to start Lost City in Hell

* Venus, 'mostly naked' Tourney Trapper - late Normal

* Aaliyah, Alphabet Tourney Sorceress (gear sequence must have names in alphabetic order, almost 2/3 of skill points are random) - just made Conqueror

* Sten, Set/Unique Worshipper Tourney Barbarian (2/3 of the skill points are randomized) - has reached NM Lower Kurast (but Great Marsh and Swampy Pit are still undone)

* Mort, Low-Level, Random Skills Tourney Paladin, about to start act 3 Normal

* Herne, TWD Tourney Were-Summoner, about to start act 3 NM

* Odysseus, TWD Tourney Ranger, about to start act 3 NM

* Elayna, TWD Tourney Talonsin, about to start act 4 NM

* Isorion, Weaponless Tourney Golemancer/Lord of Mage, about to start act 3 NM

* Sapphidia, 1.10 Swordmistress (Tankazon Tourney Revisited character) - Has the NM Travincal waypoint

Future characters
Note: I won´t start anything new in 1.09, I will likely not leave HC and I will probably never twink.

* Random stat/skills characters for the other 6 classes

* Set/Unique Worshippers (according to those tourney rules) for the other 6 classes

* Fanatic Zealot (I have to try one sometimes...)

* 1.10 version of Mike the Mojomancer (same build, same exceptions to the restrictions)

* Mojomancer with HF merc (I will only be satisfied with Guardian for this character)

* Energy Shield Sorceress (mostly to show Zahrezz that it can be done untwinked!)

* I plan to run two future tournaments and at least one of them requires another character than the ones listed above.

So many builds, so little time, indeed! Add to this the fact that I am more and more 'getting a life' and I am also a huge Thief addict (the Fan Missions are coming thick and fast these days, and most of them simply 'pwns' the 15 original Thief 2 missions).
Well what do ya'll do when you've completed 8 characters? Start deleting them to make room?

I've completed 1 Necro

Demon-Knight, Skelemancer(lvl 80)

Working on.

Concentrate-Barb...Warrior_ofRohan, lvl 28 in act5/norm

But 1st question up top concerns me in making to many..I dont want to delete them....not really.
no need to fear cyberhawk. in SP you can have as many chars as you like. when you get over 8 you get a scrollbar.
hah another way SP>bnet
Current Projects:

Pat/ Mat of every class using class specific set (6/7 complete)

Tals Sorc (lvl94) - Blizz / firewall
Trang's Necro (lvl86) - Fishy
IK Barb (lvl90) - Aramil barb
Mav's Amazon (lvl83) - Strafe / LF
Ondal's Sin (lvl 85) - Trapper
Aldur's Druid (lvl81) - Fire Claws

To get to lvl99:

Hammerdin (lvl93)

Also completed (pat/mat):

Met/orb sorc
WW sword barb.

The 2 main things I want to complete, are the 99 quest and I'm thinking I'll find the rest of Griz's set if I do this :thumbsup:

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