So I feel like a huge idiot. No. I am one. DII-wise, at least. der


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Mar 4, 2006
So I feel like a huge idiot. No. I am one. DII-wise, at least.


I'm a longtime Diablo II player, but a complete and utter newb when it comes to

So anyway.

I was in a game, and someone comes up to me and asks for a trade.

"Okay," I think to myself. A regular trade. He offers a +3 Fortitude GMB, and asks what I have. Long story short, he convinces me to get this Fort GMB for my Ber, my mediocre Raven Frost, and my Shako. I should have stopped, 'smelled the fish', and told him to eff off when he offered a friggin DOL for the Raven Frost, but my newbishness told me to go for the Fort.

While in the long run, everything I traded to him I got free, it still hurts to have the stuff gone, and to be taken advantage of like such. I shoulda done my homework...

Hell, it's only a game, and Wmeredith says that a Fort bow isn't _bad_, per se...

But meh. That's my sad story. I realize my incompetance...*bashes head into desk*...blah.

The guy's name is Triq_shot on USEast; if you see him [and you're a newb, like me] don't accept anything from him; if you're a vet, please give him a nice e-finger on my behalf.
Ah, ouch. Well, at least you have a 4os +3 GMB now. As far as I know, on US East that's still worth...well, to be blunt, more than you paid. IMO, you got a pretty damn good deal.
I would've taken that trade in a heartbeat. Take the runes out of that bow, and you have a 4 soc +3 skill GMB that you can probably sell for much more than you paid for.

Yeah, that is true, and I considered that too...

But I've seen trades; I could get a 4os GMB for like, one HR, lol.

Lol, I guess this gives me an opportunity to mock the guy?

What can I get for the bow, anyway?

Edit- There was a 100 poision/5 sec small charm in there, too. Forgot about that. But does that make much of a difference?
4os GMB, sure, 1HR.
4os +3 GMB??? Those things worth LOTS. I don't know the price, but I am sure it more than what you trade out for.
If you're on East ladder, I might even be tempted to buy this "mistake" from you. Might even manage to get you a bit of profit in the process.
So it poofed because of the duped runes in it? I don't know a lot about these things, but isn't there a good chance the bow was also duped, given it's top-of-the-line?
I don't think +3 bow 4 soc GMBs are duped...yet. The 15ED +3 4soc ones are a different story though.
Heh, I like your sig.

I wonder if soon they'll start deliberately duping imperfect items.
Yknow what?

I feel like an even BIGGER idiot, for even calling myself an idiot to begin with.

Maybe it's just because he mocked me and called me a newb and repeatedly insulted me after the trade.

1 - nothing poofed.
2 - Fort only gives 300%ED. There was 314% on the bow...O_O

See, this also shows my newbishness.

So I can deduce two conclusions from this- The guy who traded the bow to me was a moron, or he wanted to help me in a very unorthodox manner. Either way...fortitude isn't a bad bow; I'll keep the runes in it for the time being. Now, all I need is an Ohm, Jah, Lem, and Eld...without trading away the bow. Which I now officially am addicted to.

Everyone- thanks a lot for the info. I feel much [much...XD] better now. Here's a shot of the bow-

Did you not look at the bow in the first place (when you thought you'd made a mistake), or did you look at it and thought it wasn't so band and the thought it was, and then didn't think it was in the first place?
I didn't know that Fort gave a constant 300%ED on I didn't realize that it was a Superior GMB with 14%ED.

I looked at the bow, I thouhgt it was a good bow, but then the guy is like "OMFG U N00B HAHAHAH".

Merick...that's a confusing question...

I don't know if I have an answer for it at the moment, lol.
its a nice bow, i think you came out ahead
whats your clvl, needed to figure out the xlife/lvl
cant be any higher because of req lvl 59
Gib bow plz. I think he probably is 1 of those kids who somehow have high runes when he doesn't even know how to hel a bow.
If that's directed towards me, I sure as hell know how to Hel [...hahahah...ha...] a bow. (I've been playing DII since I was...8-9ish? Screw the 'M' rating. Although...I'm only 13 now, so your "kid" description works.) I've been browsing the Arreat Summit since then, too. Shame that I still can't recite the runes in order...

I just need to acquire a Hel...

And I need Ice.

It'd help, considering my main attack is FA...I friggin love FA.

And...I don't have any HR's. What I gave to the guy who traded the stuff to me was basically my 'life savings', lol.

Only thing of value I own would be...that bow...and some low-mid stuff.

Seriously, I started from scratch (aka newb at; I've been playing SP all my worthwhile life) ~a week ago, and don't have anything to give.

It'll be a long, long, long time before I manage to make (read: afford) Ice. I'm honestly looking to make Faith in that more than Ice; with a GMB reaching the 7 frame attack ought to be a bit hard...
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