so d2 economy is ruined


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Jan 29, 2006
so d2 economy is ruined

I think d2 (at least useast ladder) reached the end of being fair player game. Everything now is based on duped hrs. You can get HR for 25pgems or HR for a pul. Auctions of some uniques start at 20-40HR bid, but most of the reast items are useless.
Thx DUPERS for giving opportunity to make goodly char for 20$ :laughing: and BLIZzARD for ruining the game and not caring about it:girly: .
Are Ums now worth more than HRs? I haven't been paying attention to the East economy.

From what I've seen, West is even worse. Europe and Asia seem to be relatively untouched by the duping phenomenon.
Lord Nyax said:
From what I've seen, West is even worse.
Yep, it is worse. 20 PGems = HR. :girly:
this is why I don't want to trade away my 15 self-found keysets for 0-worth HRs. The thought did occur to me though, duped organsets could on-site be made into a unique torch, non-duped torch, solving any problem with poofing. Does this just mean then that self-found items now will reign supreme over an abundance of torches, annis (now that selling a buncha sojs is easy), HRs etc.?
From what I've heard, organ sets don't have an ID code. So you could dupe them to your hearts content and not worry about them poofing.
I'm still wondering why this hasn't started happening on a large scale...but then again, if they don't poof, we'd never know even if they did start. So whatever...

blizzard HAS been caring. just maybe not to the extent of what we would like it to be. i guess WoW is taking up most of their time. =/

i just think they should do something about the lag...
Well, if you want to go hardcore libertarian on it, you could argue that by letting dupes run rampant Blizzard is actually stopping them. Whenever there's a ruststorm or whatever, they destroy all the dupes and thus drastically raise the demand for them. Now that dupes are oozing out everywhere their value has dropped to next to nothing. Eventually the bottom will fall out of the market and dupes will be worth nothing, making legit items highly valuable again (if only there was a way to tell them apart, that is).

Yay, free market forces! :grin:

As for Bliz, well kudos to them for continuing to support (and even add content to, ill-advised as it was) a compete-online-for-free game that's a bazillion years old now. How many other companies would do that?
runes were duped as soon as they became currency. At least the majority of them. Something so rare that everyone has. It makes no sense.
The d2 economy was always messed and flawed to start with. Soj's/runes.. something so rare that so many people seem to have get pased off as currency.
Imagine if the rest of the world was like that. All we got is cash, but people will only accept gold or silver for their shiz.
Or Molybdenum.
I've tried several times to get something started on Bnet but got disinterested or jaded by it each time. No, I still prefer single player and mods to Bnet any day of the week.
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