So...Am I screwed?


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Nov 19, 2006
So...Am I screwed?

Ok, I have a lightning sorc, level 60, and I just made it to hell for the first time (haven't been playing for too long). And when I get there, I can't even beat the third quest, because I get owned so bad, especially since there is so much people immune to lightning.

What am I suppose to do when people are immune to me? I'm done..right? (This is classic, not LOD). I can't even beat the vile hunters in the Stony Field because they are immune to my lightning, and I am not trained in any other skill.
There are ways to get through Hell solo with a pure elemental sorceress, it's tough though. Especially in classic, you don't even have a decent merc.
Yea, they have those crappy rogues from that girl in the Rogue Encampment who do like 2 damage to Vile Hunters...not exactly what I am looking for :(
Since you're in classic, I don't know if there really is much you can do, other than party up.
Run away, run away.

With light sorc i think your choice is to tele past the monster you can't beat, and kill the ones you can. Your gonna have proplems though if you encounter a light immune that your obligated to kill...
I went mono-elemental back in SP, that was in LoD though.
Try the player matchup forum, there should be some non-arses there.
online gaming always presents a certain amount on anonimity (?) to interaction, creating very rude people.

ya just gotta find the nice ones and put em on yer friends list. :cool:
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