Smiter with Holy Freeze or Fana?!?


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Jun 13, 2006
Smiter with Holy Freeze or Fana?!?

Heya guys , how r u ?

Fine ... I'm working on a smite , and i have this question , which skill is better if i want to make a Smiter to catch some Casters ?

Fanatism or Holy Freeze ?

Holy Freeze , slow faster cast rate ?!?

I'm planning to make a Smiter with General , and Fana or HF ....

This is all for now , thnks for any help :DDD
Holy Freeze doesn't slow your enemy's casting speed.
Also, the cold damage doesn't transfer onto the smite, but I guess you knew this.
You might want to go with fana, because your smite will be faster and there will be less time between smites if you happen to have somebody against the wall.
On top of that, Fana increases your smite damage.
General's slow does transfer trough smite, so your targets, once they received a smite will walk slower and if they try to stab you with their shard, they will do so at a slowed speed.

Holy Freeze will slow their walk/run speed and their stabbing/slashing/pummeling attacks. This cold slow, which cannot be resisted by things like death sash, stacks with the slow your general provides.
Note that this slow, even though continual, only gets 'applied' once every 2 seconds, so nasty people might take a cold hit and then drink a thawing potion to have freedom until the next cold wave.

Holy freeze won't help much against teleporting sorcs, but other caster types will have problems getting away from you.

I can only list the advantages and disadvantages for you, I can't really descide which is better for you. :)
Would Swordback be good for LLD?
You can get low damage exceptional items beginning at level 25. LLD is usually up to charlvl 29. The smite boost on a swordback shield is 5-9 damage, which isnt bad considering how sad it is for most unique and set shields. The smite boost on any barbed shield is like 18-35, and since you will only have a HS skill level of 2-5, that is an important boost. I would guess that that lvl of HS would make up for most of the low blocking on a sb shield.

The main benefit of course is the 'open wounds' mod. I've tried a wormskull to get poison across, but it doesnt work.

If you want to find out the gear used on LLD smiters, do a search, under the 'Advanced search' option. Here are the 3 parameters: "Smiter" as the keyword (this picks up "smite" and "smiter" threads), select that keyword for the thread and not inside posts, and Classic only. You get lots of LLD smiter threads.

open wounds make more damage than the smite itself IMO

you could consider an open wounds weapon (e.g. gnasher) + barbed shield
pretty standard to go full clegs for a smiter

first of all; you do max holy shield cause it adds the majority of damage, and the smite % is applied to that #

with clegs you get 33% crushing blow and a fast attack
pretty standard to go full clegs for a smiter

first of all; you do max holy shield cause it adds the majority of damage, and the smite % is applied to that #

with clegs you get 33% crushing blow and a fast attack

full clegs is standard if your budget is half a sigons set and your opponents don't know what faster hit recovery is. below level 22 it isn't even a decent option for the crushing blow because of the 35% block, and once holy shield is available for block you have better places to get CB, and much better alternatives for the rest of the gear. Holy shield with clegs adds about twice as much the damage of a barbed shield, but keep in mind using a +2 weapon and shield adds 16-16 damage, and clegs sacrifices this bonus too. Base smite damage on a barbed shield is 18-35, base on clegs is 2-3. Level 20 holy shield with clegs adds 57-60 damage making your total base shield damage 59-63, while Level 24 holy shield from a +2 barbed shield and +2 weapon adds 73-76, making you base shield damage 91-111. Full clegs gives you 35% crushing blow, goblin toes give you 33%. Clegs allows for twitchthroe, a total of 40IAS on a base -10 weapon speed, while a barbed shield and flail or war scep with twitch+deaths can add 90 to a base -10. Clegs also leaves you with 70% block with level 22 holy shield (including a +2 amu, which adds an even amount of damage to either side of the shield debate), which is also cut by 1/3 when you run. A barbed shield has base 47% and can have another 20% from mods and with the +skills 36% from holy shield.
Clegs bonuses include 10ar/lvl and 15all resists on top of IAS and CB. A rare weapon and barbed shield can give you 40IAS, +2 skills, 39 all resists (and a possible 30 stack to one resist from the shield, or 150+def), up to 40 to 2 resists from the scepter along with up to 20str and more mods, and with just that weapon you can have the same attack speed as clegs and use an ornate+rare gloves, which can give you a lot of defense, stats, life, and resists. even with a magic +2barbed and 2pal40IAS scep, you'll still be better off than clegs. zaxien has a great defense smiter so if you're interested in that just ask him.

As far as cleg builds go, leave them to Fred for fun builds but don't claim that clegs is standard for anything, because it isn't, and it isn't anything exceptional either, because there's much better alternatives.

As far as holy freeze, don't bother with it for anything other than melee pallys and zons, because it doesn't help vs sorcs, and most chars will kill you before you do much damage to them if you use it. Additionally, smiters already die fast enough to barbs, slowing them down so they hit more and reducing your damage is just a bad idea. Ornate def smiters are fun for taking down barbs but much less effective than other chars.

smiter isn't a power char, but the only way to do decent damage with it is crushing blow... do you even know if a 40 ias flail is going to reach a faster breakpoint then clegs with lvl 20 fant?
Smiter with flail or long sword

Deaths are mainly for LLD when fanatacism is still low level, because with level 20 fanatacism and a -10 base speed weapon, the breakpoints are:


So while the clegger still needs twitch to hit the 6fpa break, the Barbed smiter is able to get a lot of defense, life, resists, and useful bonuses, the clegger can max block and IAS using up 4 important item slots and still come out with considerably less damage, defense, resistances, and pretty much everything else weaker.
Of course smiter isn't a "power build", but if it isn't, then why would you want to make it even weaker rather than do it right?
Swordack Hold is great for a lower lvl smiter...I found one in Hell Blood Moor, chucked it on my LLD smiter and the damage from open wounds Is more than continually smiting...:)
cause almost always the most important part of the char is killing speed, the clegger will kill faster

So with a slower or equal attack speed, lower damage, equal crushing blow, less defense and resistances, less life, and lower skills, the clegger is going to kill faster how? Stop trying to be Fred because you're doing a terrible job of it.

With a +2, 10 ias(magic is enough) cutlass(base -30) you are well on your way to a speedy smite.
And if you want more CB, you could wear rattle if you don't need to wear twitch to get a nice bit of CB. 50% in total when combined with gobs.
I think a Gnasher might even be better then clegs, even though it has base speed [0] and thus needs 20 ias to reach 7fpa. 'Deaths Gloves +' or 'sig gloves +' or 'Iratha's gloves +' or twitch will all get you that 20ias.
That is, if this table is still correct :
gtoe gives you 25%, you wear both for 60%

last time i checked 60% > 25%

35% more crushing blow, or 10% more with rattlecage, is better than damage, defense, resistances, life, skills, and the longer attack range of a flail?

Swordack Hold is great for a lower lvl smiter...I found one in Hell Blood Moor, chucked it on my LLD smiter and the damage from open wounds Is more than continually smiting...:)

I wonder how would a high level open wounds smiter do
I mean I use swordbacks + gnashers on my LLDs and apart from hard "cb hits", most of the damage comes from open wounds, not smite

I once killed a level 93 with a level 11 smiter :D
it took like 5 minutes :D

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