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Dec 24, 2019
My Final Smiter Guide.
Originally posted by Camden

Note: This guide was originally written for BNet. Please bear in mind it may recommend items not found in Single Player.

This is my version/variation of a PvP smiter, one that looks beyond the typical charge-smite-charge-smite you encounter in pubs. I've had a couple smiters in the past, most notably on east nl and lad ("Regime" and "BlueDevils", respectively). Both are since retired. However I've had a few requests and some spare time, so here it is. This guide is based primarily off of my east nl one. Ie, not entirely legit and comparatively atypical (My ladder variant was a bit more cookiecutter and 100% legit. If there's enough interest I will post the legit setup as well). Please withhold any criticism until you've read the entire guide.... particularly regarding gear suggestions. I used this particular smiter setup only in .10, but it wasn't too hard to modify adding a torch. Some of my choices are unusual, however at some point will be explained. I will try to be as in-depth as possible. As one smiter was stolen and the other is now dismantled, I'm going mostly from memory... please bear with me. To date I still believe I was the first to try this sort of smite build and make it work the way I did, but as I cannot speak for all realms I won't claim ownership to it. Point being, it's a unique take on smiters and one you may not have seen before (though I've been seeing a few more in pubs lately, which to me personally is thrilling <3). But trust me, it WILL work should you take the time to work with it.
I'll begin the guide with this: Do -NOT- underestimate the value of tele-smite.


Primary setup:

COA, dual ber'd
Archon plate enigma
Grief phaseblade (Not zerk. I will explain why soon.)
1x 20 dex ravenfrost
1x Stat ring..... Aim for one similar to what I had, a 20 str 15 dex with life and/or cold res (perfect statted ring won't be cheap, but try for the best you can get)
A crafted amulet with pala skills, stats, life, and res. Mine was 2 pala 20 str 17 dex 59 life 58 mana 20 all res. A good one isn't cheap. Cat's eye is a suitable replacement that will also allow you to use a grief zerk. Maras can be a fair substitute as well. Just altar your stats accordingly.
Spirit sacred targe (35 fcr, as much base res as possible)
Magefists or Trang gloves
Arachnid mesh
65 life waterwalks

37x 20/5's (icon_pointl.gif Very important. If one thing is worth spending a bunch on for a smiter, it's life/res scs)
Ptorch and anni (as high as possible obviously)

Classic boots. Mine were 30 frw 19 str 14 dex 28 cold res 47 light res. For use vs fohers and blizzers if necessary. *Notice the stats are similar to that of your stat ring, allowing you to replace the ring with a 2nd raven or whisp etc as the case may be without having to worry about glitched stats

Um'd wizardspike (Indeed, the "barb ow trick" is occasionally found useful with smiters..)
Swordback hold spiked shield, Um'd or Ptopazed/Psapphired and twice upped (Credit to Fusa for this idea)
Exile sacred targe (I prefer ed/ar. A bit of extra damage helps more than res vs the chars you need it for.)
40/15 verdungos
upped ber'd hoz (noneth. or do like me and go for style with an eth glitched hoz ^_~)
Jah'd shako
Ber'd shako
1x ravenfrost 1x whisp 1x dwarf 1x nature's peace

Added bm gear like nature's peace / more sorb / 205 cold shields or thul-thul griz helm/ gavel of pain can be useful as well. Though you won't have room for all of it. I suggest you like I did and have a mule grushed for when you need these ;)

Some goals reached:
75 fcr (Like I said, amazing telesmiting capability)
~2.5k onscreen damage (decent for all 20 lifers)
4.8 - 5.2k life at lvl 90 depending on how strictly you stat your smiter and on particular setup
Fhr note: Spirit + Coa together is 85 fhr. The breakpoint for 4th frame fhr is 86. If you so desire you may throw in a fhr sc to reach that bp. I personally chose not to as I see no need for fhr on a smiter when shiftsmite+walk or charge can pull me out of anything. But that's just me. :]
Decent dr in main setup, max dr in other setups
Highly stacked res

Some gear explanations (The strategy section will also have some reasons behind particular setups):

CoA vs Shako
With shako it is simply not possible to keep good dr while maintaining the 75 fcr frame. The DR and stacked res a coa offers is simply outstanding in this build. However, in the case where that extra dr boost is unnecessary, Shako > Coa anyday. The difference is approximately 200-250 life, give or take, as well as depending on what you socket your shako with... I suggest "Jah". After all you're only using it if you -don't- need the dr or to stack res. In coa I have roughly 4,850 life, with shako I hit 5050. I realize these numbers are somewhat low compared to many pure smiters that hit 5.2k+ on average, yet I strongly believe these other bonuses this build offers makes up for that. Aside from that, in 0 fcr setup with pure dr/hoz build (I'll refer to it as a smite v smite setup later), you will hit almost 5.3k life. I hit 5.7k in my SvS setup (but unfortunately that trick will remain with me =]. I add this to show it is very possible and dependent on what you use, and that the stat allocation I recommend is in now way incompetent in comparison)

Why not grief zerk?
Yes, I realize a pb is 1 unit inferior to a zerk in terms of range. However, I enjoy the flexibility a pb build offers. You don't have to worry about keeping an IAS breakpoint (which frankly this setup doesn't allow too much room for). Also for the fact that you will be virtually unaffected by opponents that exploit "Slow target by X" as opposed to those that use a zerk, the effects of which can be critical. However in some instances I do prefer a zerk. More on that later, possibly, as it's what I used on my legit smiter instead of this one.

Why not pcomb lifers?
Because I don't think the damage output, although significant, is worth it. Unless you can find very high-end lifers, even plain 20 life scs > pcombs. However, your resistances will suffer and you may have to switch to make up for it.... Ie, kiras or coh or res boots, which -severely- compromises your build. 37x 20/5's is a total of +185 resistance. So in hell you have max res and then some from charms alone. So beyond charms everything is effectively stack to cut out facets, conviction, lower res, and cold mastery.

I believe the rest of the basic setup is fairly self-explanatory. As I leave this guide wide open for questions, I will answer any that arise should I have left anything out or failed to explain something in detail. Now for the stash:

Um'd wizardspike / Swordback hold / Dracs
This primarily concerns east, were certain high es/mass bmana sorcs can tank an insane amount of smites, or in any case where you simply don't want to turn it into a contest of tanking ability (high es/dr/etc sorcs that still manage significant damage). In which case you can simply bleed them ^_^. I -RARELY- had to resort to this method. However the few times I did it worked like an absolute charm. Lock and charge or lock and tele+smite, retreat til the 8 second open wound duration runs out.... and work again. Once they're down you can simply finish them off with holy freeze or a single charge.

Exile sacred targe:
There are really only two instances where I advocate using an exile in gm. That is in the instance of smite-v-smite where your opponent chooses to use an exile and occasionally vs a very skilled ele druid

For smite v smite... and occasionally if you feel the need to sacrifice fcr for dr vs druids and barbs (<- recommended)

Ber'd hoz
For GM smite v smite.

Jah'd shako / Ber'd shako
For when you don't need dr, thus would prefer a life boost / For smite v smite setup

Have str/dex. For the reasons that is a plus, see the notes on the classic stash boots. As well as lifetap charges..... <3. It's nice having lifetap on a hotkey when you need it (generally just for bm duels. I am strongly opposed to LT in gm duels.)

For vs. fire sorcs. Obviously. Keep in mind that the Gm/Bm rules regarding hotspurs varies from realm to realm. Ie, on some realms it's generally acceptable whereas on others a fire sorc will be reduced to tears upon mention of a spurring opponent. If that's the case and you pity the sorc, a pair of Infernostrides get the job done.

Ravens/Whisp/Dwarf/Carrion... for stack and/or sorb.... nature's peace for oak charges... 205 shield and griz helm if you blow and need it vs blizzers... .... Gavel of pain for amp damage...

What you use vs certain classes, I hope, is common sense. Request specific setups if that is not the case. It's a method of simply choosing which item benefits the most and in turn requires you to make up for the stats possibly lost from switching items with another.

Stats (based at level 90)

Strength: As base as possible. You will have to invest a few points however (in my case I needed to add 3). With torch, anni, your stat ring, slips, and enigma, you will have enough for coa. Keep in mind that you may need to add one extra if you plan to use soul spurs to replace the stat ring every so often, soul spurs have 19 str. So if you have a stat ring with 20, you will obviously need to add one more. If your ring has less than 19, then disregard this last bit. And now this is very important. Most people tend to stat their chars as soon as they can use torch/anni, at lvl 75. I advise against doing this. The difference in the strength bonus an enigma gives at lvl 90 as oppose to lvl 75 is 11 strength.... which in many regards, is a significant amount. Enough to where I strongly recommend using 2 str scs and the like until you have levelled yourself as far as you intend to go.

Dex: 136 with gear. 65% block with spirit at lvl 90 (which is plenty in most cases. Add a raven if you feel otherwise). Max block with hoz. Enough to use grief pb. 'Nuff said.

Vitality: All else.

Energy: none.


20 smite
20 holy shield
20 fanatacism
1 in vigor (significantly better desynch, and cleansing is a prereq that can come in handy)
1 in holy freeze
20 resist lightning (this build doesn't allow tgods for the most part. and as most elemental opponents are indeed lightning, the passive bonus is very valuable)

That leaves you with 11 spare points. What you do is up to you, however here is what I chose:
1 conviction (I team duel a lot. Teamed with a trapper, this works wonders)
1 salvation (if you or your team need a bit of stack)
Rest I loaded into charge.... bit of damage and ar never hurts. Or you could try foh if you find yourself chasing openwounds-shredded opponents that retreat with 1 life.
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Dec 24, 2019

There are 2 basic ways a smiter closes in on an enemy. One is by desynch, which I will assume you already know how to do. The other is by teleing. Teleing onto someone on your screen is simple..... just mouse on over to them and press. Easy.

Chainlocking is a bit harder. Those of you that know what I'm talking about will notice I tend to use this smiter's tele-smite capability VERY similarly to the technique of zerking with a bvc. However, for those that might not see that yet, let's start with the basics. To namelock, you must lock onto their name, whether with charge or smite or, as you will soon see, throw/unsummon (unsummon i believe is only available on left click to users of nightlight and LC mod). As smite is a left click skill, I choose to throwlock (i dislike auralocking). The basic idea of this namelock is to tele on your opponent from a distance. They can be anywhere from 2 or so screens away and you can still land on them simply by switching and holding throw on leftclick, and proceding to click tele on rightclick. If this is new to you, go try this before you read too much further on so you can understand what I'm talking about:
Get a friend, and hostile him. Have him stand in the blood moor, and hold 'Throw' on him with left click. Tell him to then move away from you as far as he can without disappearing off of the minimap. Now, on right click (while still holding throw of course), press to tele. You'll be right on them. This is often referred to as "throwlock", "unsummon lock", or basic "namelock" in several senses.

Now, the next step beyond that is "chainlock". You do all the steps of a basic namelock as described above, only you hold your cursor to where as soon as you come out of the initial tele, you are already locked onto them. Now you can switch back to smite and hit them or, if they tele away, switch back to throw and move onto them again. Chainlocking is as simple as moving your cursor on top of you (your character) as you tele from the initial namelock. It's surprisingly easy with just a little bit of practice, and is the entire premise of a tele-smiter. *(If the above explanation of chainlocking was not clear enough, I can "Frap" a video of it to post. For some it's easier to learn by watching after all.)

Similarly, certain classes intend to do the same thing to you, and it will be necessary for you to "Break" their namelock. To do so simply run away far enough to where their name along with the little red "X" disappear from your minimap. Simple. Namelock broken.

A smiter is at a class disadvantage to most other chars. Well, I wouldn't call it so much of a natural disadvantage so much as just about every single other class has a general solution to dealing with smiters. As such, to win, you must simply outwit and outplay your opponents the majority of the time. Thus, as a forewarning, don't be frustrated if you get your *** kicked a lot with your smiter initially, even in public games. Even though most consider a smiter to be a "skilless" class, to play well they're no more simple than many other chars.

Vs any class that does blockable damage/attacks, be sure to set yourself to walk instead of run. % chance to block is drastically reduced otherwise.

Now that some basic corners are covered, on to more specific strategies. I will give a basic rundown of each class. These are merely guidelines. The details you can only learn yourself... I'm trying to encourage that. Anyways:


- Bowa
Simply charge and smite. One of the easiest classes for a smiter. If they desynch extremely well, flash holy freeze.

- Cs zon
If they're a legit cs, simply charge and smite them down. You're resistance is stacked beyond any -% light res they can muster, and with 85 base light res they shouldn't be a problem. If they farcast, fade and flip on light res aura. Toss on a whisp if you'd like. No need to worry about using fanat, they'll heal you.

- Poison
A good one can be tricky... they are capable of -massive- poison damage. Basically, kill them before you die. Cleansing can come in handy. Most tend to throw a java in front of them and run forward into the cloud. Charge from the side once; if it lands, they'll be knocked out of the trail. Tele (do NOT run through the cloud if you can avoid it) and smite. If they don't get kb'd out of it, you'll have them in dodge or block animation. Finish them. Toss on andy's or antidote prebuff if you can't get the hang of it. This is a rare class however.


Keep in mind holy freeze > ANY sin. Whether trap or wwsin or whatever else. Use liberally.

- W/s
Weapon-shield sins are your *****. With 85 light res you can tank them for a good while. Desynch, tele before they can mb lock, and smite. If they kb and lock you with mb you may appear to smite, but apparently you won't be landing any hits. If you do get in such a stunlock, simply charge out and start again. Keep in mind most have max block, so charging isn't the most effective method. However if you know they are not mb, then charge them down.

- C/c
These are a bit harder. They do a bit more damage, and are capable of 'blocking' your smite. You can still withstand a good amount of trap blasts, but as you'll have to withstand them about twice as long in turn, I wouldn't recommend doing so. Charge around the outside and wait til their first wave of traps begins to drop. Holy freeze them in the meanwhile. When they begin to reset them, tele or charge and smite. Teleing on them is not possible if they have you mindblast locked. Break the lock if so. If they're like most, they will walk back and tele away once you're on them. Once they're on the run out of their traps, they're done for. Chainlock, smite, repeat, kill.

- Wwsin/Hybrid sin/Kicksin
Maxblock, stacked poison, and holy freeze > Them. They can block your attacks also as a c/c sin, but you can block them more than they can block you. Practice teleing in front of them and shift smiting; with a pb you both have the exact same range (2). So it shouldn't be a problem. The concept is basic but tele-smiting the appropriate distance infront of a whirling opponent can only be learned with practice.


A good one is difficult. They'll get bone spirits on your tail and prison the **** out of you. You'll constantly be breaking namelocks. The trick here is the element of surprise; desynch is your best friend in this matchup. A good desynch-tele-smite works wonders. However, any good nec with reflexes beyond that of a four year old will simply walk down after a smite or two, spear you once or twice, and move off to break your lock. If they're expecting you to chainlock (as they will after only a few times of you doing it), they'll tele into a prison and spam bone spirits up. If you tele on that, you're gg'd. I like to think it comes down to who has better reflexes and to you keeping them guessing by sometimes locking, sometimes not.

-Poison nec
Your poison res is (well, should be) stacked beyond what their lower resist can take away. If it's not (for example, you couldn't get good life/res scs...), slap on a pair of 70 res treks or drink a few antidotes and you'll be fine.

Exile. Or marrowalks. Tap and kill; with tap and max block you will out-tank iron maiden or amp damage. I hardly think of summoners as a "Gm" class as they rely on something outside of their control to cast their skill (slain monsters). Duel accordingly.


-Whirlwind (BvC, some BvB)
One of the harder classes you'll face. In general barb > smiter. More range (unless you switch into a zerk....), more life, much more damage, more hitchecks, and the ability to control the matchup. The only thing you have going for you is max block :(.

Switch to walk, and put on verdungos for max DR. If they just whirl through you or triangle whirl, you'll rape them. However with a decent one that won't be the case. The way barbs are taught to duel smiters is to whirl away if the smiter chases. Or if the smiter shift smites, to make long, 'clipping' whirls at the edge of the smiter and rely on range. Clipping whirls will destroy you hopelessly with a pb. Flashing holy freeze will help. Basically try to get them to whirl long, and tele in front of them and shift-smite. Keep in mind long whirls can very easily desynch; place your teleport accordingly. Some people feel the defense boost and chance to lifetap from exile helps. Use at your discretion. Also be wary of a trick they'll pull if you shiftsmite, in which they begin to whirl directly at you as if to go straight through you, and at the last second pull off to the side to clip you. To avoid this, hold your namelock with smite and put the cursor behind you in the opposite direction. Your namelock will hold, but if you see them start to tail off, release shift and the mousebutton and you'll walk back and, hopefully, out of harm's way.

- Warcry
I've yet to meet one that's impressed me, though I've heard good ones do exist. Still no fair match. Max block + Max dr + 2 uninterruptable attacks > Wc barb.


Unhostile it. :p. Pessimistic as it is, you will not beat a good hammerdin. Period. End of discussion. However, you can surprise crap ones. Keep below them, so you can see them on your map before you see them..... holy freeze to help kill their desynch.... charge from a sort of south-west angle... this way seems to avoid hammers a fair share of the time.... if they sit, tele blindspot and smite... however never tele on top of them.... sit by a wall and shift-smite.... If they're stupid enough to tele directly onto you, walk down a small ways and then proceed to smite them... I don't know what more to tell you. Hammerdins are -the- anti-smiter.

Your stacked res > Both of them. They won't even scratch you. If worse comes to worse put on resist light for stacked 95 light res. Who cares if they cry, they can only blame themselves for making such a pathetic character. Holy freeze flash if they charge away and just charge them to shreds.

Ah, these are fun. I love charge start smite-v-smite. Put on dr/life setup (magefists icon_pointr.gif bloodfists, coa icon_pointr.gif ber'd shako, arach icon_pointr.gif dungos, spirit icon_pointr.gif hoz..). Even though this isn't a smite-v-smite build, so to say, you should still do fairly well. I'll only cover the basics of "charge start" smite v smite, as walk-start is skilless anyways.
Basically it comes down to hitting first. Reading your opponent's desynch, breaking a lock if they find you first, locking them, and switching to smite at the right moment (charge rarely lands against max block). As always "Gm" rules vary realm-to-realm, so depending on what's available you may prefer to use exile if they do, or flash holy freeze for a moment or two.

Smite > Zeal. Period. Just tank 'em. You can block them, they can't block you.


Fireball sorcs hurt. Even with gm sorb. Desynch, lock, smite. Bleed them if you have trouble with their es, though a high es fb sorc with good damage is rare.

These are the ones you'll occasionally have to OW to death. Thankfully, their average damage, range, and cast rate is pretty pathetic. They just.... no end. Open wounds help. Charge, retreat, repeat. Chainlock or holy freeze kill if they're low on health.

A max block high mana es blizzer is extremely difficult. Despite massive res blizzard and iceblast still pack a punch in GM. Most blizz themselves and spam iceblast. If that's the case, be patient. Do NOT get hit with the first hitcheck cast by bliz, as it hurts the most. Also keep in mind that there is a brief 'cool down' period after blizzard is cast. This can be windows of opportunity. If they tele out of bliz, namelock asap before they can recast on themselves... sometimes you get lucky. I wouldn't recommend tanking well-built bliz. They can slash your life down pretty quickly. Score a few hits and as soon as they recover and start to IB, get away and break their lock as soon as possible. Repeat.


A good ele druid is tough. On my own I've yet to lose ft5 to a smiter.... a good druid will make himself too difficult to namelock. Most tele, nado, tele, nado, tele, nado... circling around you. My advice is to nail the oak first; occasionally a re-click after the oak is gone will lock you onto him, as hte oak is the first summon stacked and the only one that "sits" on his head. Once you lock and their oak is gone, unless they're max block, they're virtually finished. Occasionally they'll be able to walk back and tele away; chainlock and kill. Another method is to eat their summons up and chainlock as they recast... not the best strategy, you'll end up eating a ton of nados. The trick is knowing when to play offensively and when to play defensively..... HOPEFULLY the druid is dumb enough to tele on you. In a pure tanking contest, you'll win 9 times outta 10. A druid is the only class I promote the use of exile vs in gm duels. A good druid simply won't lose to a smiter otherwise. It's all about finding the lock before the druid realizes it and breaks it.

Fury: Max block should tank it. They hurt like hell if they hit, but you should still outlast.
Rabies: Most hit you once and just run away til you die.... holy freeze and charge if they land a hit... I haven't dueled any decent shapeshift druids so my strategies here are lacking :(

Team dueling strategy
I'll write this briefly and on the assumption of 4v4, as the same principles can easily be inferred with 3v3/2v2. Smiter's aren't the greatest team duelers, but eh, it's fun to mess around. Your role will usually fall into one of the following:
- Providing your bowzon or bvc with a high level fanatacism
- Providing conviction for your trapsin (like I said if you plan to team duel, one point here... or all your spare points.... are well spent here)
- Cleansing to get rid of amp damage/lower resist/poison
- Holybolt
- Holy freeze (works well in conjunction to mindblast/leap and the like, as it slows fhr animation. If you haven't noticed, you're basically an auradin.)
- Providing protection to said bowzon or trapsin
- Occasionally "suiciding" to take an opponent out.... usually the other team's bowa if they have one. Leap doesn't effect you too much so such a role will usually fall on you.

Beyond what is listed above, you simply impart the preceding 1v1 strategies according to what the other team uses and combine it. It's not hard, and the finer points of team dueling, as with all pvp, is only learned by actually -doing- it.


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Dec 24, 2019
Few frapsed examples I created upon request. As rusty as I was on a smiter when making this video I still feel it gives a better idea of what I'm trying to convey with this build.

A sorta "Faq". In this guide's jsp counterpart people asked questions, some of which I will post both since it can help with better comprehending smiter ideas and basics and also incase you may have a similar question ^_~

if u were to replace all the dupes/unlegit items, then what would that be?

cause i like ur guide, but don't play east, nor do I like using mass dupes..

But nice guide!

9/10 until u get all legit gear in there too ;)

Hm. The most suitable replacement would of course be a legit rare/crafted ammy with pcombat, stats, res, and life. For a cheap alternative, I found a simple "cat's eye" fills in quite well; it has an ample amount of +dex however it has no strength, so alter your stats accordingly; and the use of which will also allow you to have max ias with a grief zerk should you so choose due to 20 ias.

The only two boots I used on my legit smiter were 65 life waterwalks and a pair of rare legit boots with 30 frw, 9 dex, and 35/29/38 cold/light/fire res. Thus I treated stats as if with a 9dex bonus.

can this chara do good in svs..? tele smiter = fun

Yes. It wasn't my forte but I was still very competent in smite v smite.

can this chara do good in svs..? tele smiter = fun
can we turn this into a v/t,,?
and does grief ias on pb even matter?

1) Yes I was very successful SvS, especially when you consider I was a pure SvA build. However I had a special smite v smite setup. In the main one listed, you should still do fairly well. My first ladder smiter only had 4.9k life with max dr but could win charge-start smite-v-smite easily. If you can lock fast and can break them, you can do well. Period.

2) If you so choose, but I would recommend following an actual v/t guide for that. Trying to mix my build with that would compensate too much in some places I would imagine, especially regarding resistances.

3) Yes, actually. Not in terms of hitting max ias, but if you duel a smiter loaded with slow and holy freeze, it's possible to still outstack it to have max smite ias. The more the better.

Nice guide, but I might suggest using a few high pcomb lifers, and using 20/11 lightning or cold res instead of 20/5s, seeing as how they’re duped.
Also I dunno if your tele-smiter is compatible with my 56k :p

If you feel that the damage output is worth the lifeloss, and that you can make up for the poison/fire res elsewhere, feel free. However I noticed that trying to divide up between 20/11's cold and 20/11's light will still not adequately stack up to 20/5's. And yes, perm 20/5's are expensive. This probably isn't the best guide if you just want a cheap smiter to mess around on ;]

And possibly. It would have been nice to see. However you're just as likely to hit 11 light damage as you are 56k, keep in mind.

exile is BM and im sure you know it.

telesmite wont work against a 200FCR sorc.

Sure it could. Obviously they're harder to catch and require clean and flawless locks, but it's doable.

Also, I thought it was obvious that mixing desynch charge + telesmite was the best course of action. 100% teleing smiter would be both humorous and ineffective.

great guide plus I happened to correct two typos 👶

makes me want to make a pure smiter...


Yes you did :D. Spellcheck again please

Jai I actually meant to ask you about this a while back, but never got the chance

I'm almost positive it doesn't only happen to me, but when I use Charge and immediately Smite after contact is made, my Smiter freezes in place for 1-3 seconds.

I wanna know your way of countering this if it happens, it's really annoying :(

Forgive me if this seems ignorant on my behalf, I really don't have that much experience with smiters ;/

Just hit weapon switch twice

And please post questions, I keep getting pm's asking the same thing :eek:. A few:

does using 19 life 10% res charms work? i cant afford 20/5 ones
i thought stacking multiple 10% res with good life might gimme some survivability..
excellent smiter guide though , i hate smiters because i use a jabber to duel , but i will make smiter to kill those bad mannered smiters.


19 / 10's can work, sure. Just be sure to keep a Kiras in the stash, or some res boots, since you'll need to make up for some resistances elsewhere. ;)

hey i was wondering why you go with ap enigma on your smiter
because i want to make one and your guide is very godly and
helps alot, i just dont understand why enigma
if you could tell me why enigma is > coh i would appreciate
it thanks alot for your time

!eric (narkotics)

Because with 20/5's, shield, helm, boots, etc etc whatever the case may be leaves you fine in terms of resists :/. Even if not I'd rather put on kiras and res boots before I'd put on a Coh..... Nigma = more life and mobility and is better in virtually every way :]

Oh btw have u ever namelocked with smite like using zerk ?

If they're offscreen it won't work, you gotta switch to throw or auralock :/

first of all ur guide is awesome im trying to bulid this in ladder

but i looked through ur items and i wondered wy u dont use

10fc xx str xx life belt + a good fc ring instead of statring + arach?

did i miss something?

I suppose you could do so if you could find such items. The +1 skill is nice to damage/life however (your bo is already rather lacking). If you care to find a good such belt and ring I don't see any reason why it couldn't be interchangeable.

why is youre build superior to that of a pure charger build. or even a v/t

Pure chargers just plain suck. V/t is too compromising in one area or the other for my taste, and as most v/t's blow majorly, more than likely it's no more than a weak smiter vs anything competent (there are exceptions)

i got a question, is the 50% fcr bp enough for a tele smiter?

i just want to use my 31% fcr sacred spirit and a trangs, this leaves space for a very high dungos which adds a ton of health, dr and fhr.

Camden, would a slight gear-change be viable?

For instance:

15+ % FCR Amulet with nice Paladin Skills
FCR Ring with Dex / Life / Res whatever
FCR Ring with Dex / Life / Res whatever

Still along with Trangs + Arachs of course.

I bet you feel it coming:

Hoz instead of the Spirit Targe, you'll gain more resistances with this, an easier achievable block, more defense, more damage and more ... That's it.

You stated that FHR isn't really that important, since you can always charge / shift-smite outta a stunlock.

Ever tried it?

If for some reason you really wanted.. though as you posted below with cham'd coa... eh. Maybe a decent alternative would be a 10-15 fcr ammy, a ravenfrost for cbf, and a crafted caster belt with life =/. Though if you want to use hoz feel free to play with the 48 fcr bp; it's still relatively quick