Smite and IAS - Help Please!!!


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Nov 14, 2009
Smite and IAS - Help Please!!!

Hi. I'm trying to use this speed calculator:

But I'm a bit confused. I'll be using a Nord's Tenderizer. And I was wondering what I need to reach the max frame rate: 6 fpa. It's a "Truncheon" weapon with 25% IAS. And I will have Level 21 Fanaticism.

When I look at the results, it says I need 35% IAS to reach 6 fpa.

If I put a shael in my weapon and I change the IAS to 45%, it says that Smite is at 6 fpa and no extra IAS is needed.

Is that how it works? Or am I supposed to keep it at 25% and the shael is 25%/35% needed for 6 fpa?

Sorry if I'm making it a lot more confusing than it really is.
Re: Smite and IAS - Help Please!!!

For starters, use the current version of the calculator:

It says you need 35% total IAS to reach 6fpa. That's why when you have 45%, you've already reached (and passed) the fastest breakpoint and do not need extra IAS.

IAS on weapon counts towards that total just like any other IAS on gear, unless you're in wereform/are dual-wielding as a Barb or Assa.
Re: Smite and IAS - Help Please!!!

Can i just ask why you've decided on Nord's Tenderizer? Lots of its great bonuses (like 150-180% AR) don't really apply to smite. :eek: Some secondary attack maybe?
Re: Smite and IAS - Help Please!!!

This is actually going to be a Zealot/1-Pt Smiter that I'm going to use for both general PvM and Uber. But I don't want to invest in expensive items for him. My main will be a PvP Assassin that will have all my best equipment.

I just thought Nord's is a pretty solid and very cheap choice for a zealot. Fast, AR, good ED and good cold damage. And the cold absorb will help with Ubers (Mephisto) and other miscellaneous cold attacks. I've never done Ubers before since I stopped playing when 1.11 came out. But I'm pretty excited to get back into the thick of things.
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