Slushy Sundaily


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Sep 13, 2008
Slushy Sundaily

Well the title pretty much sums up the weather around here, snow/rain/wintry mix. Lovely all the way around. Should warm up though, so this mess will hopefully be gone by Tuesday. (Emphasis on hopefully)

RL: No work today, but the aforementioned weather is going to keep my outside activities to a minimum.

D2: Yes, little of this, some of that.

Have a good day.
Re: Slushy Sundaily

RL: Had four hours sleep. Work will suck more than usual and I may or may not be seeing the lady in the evening. I hope I will but she has a lot of school work to do.

D2: I got a 1.09 rush to Mat. I need to do a few Baal runs to level, but I feel awesome.

OVG: Max Payne, and maybe some more Nation Red after the update.
Re: Slushy Sundaily

RL: Weather in Dublin has taken a turn for the better. No rain and it's not too terribly cold. Watched some American NCAA football last night and got quite a scare from my Texas Longhorns. Close one. Wife wants to do some XMas shopping and I think I may actually want to join her just so I can walk around in this lovely weather while it lasts.

D2: Still running Mephisto for that elusive Ribcracker. My Bowzon is pushing nicely through Hell at /p5 and I hope to do a complete run through of Act 2.
Re: Slushy Sundaily

RL: One up on Eddie, I had five. :) Work work. Torontonian weather still is SNOW FREE, but a very minute amount of frost on the ground is scaring me.


OVG: Bubble Spinner. This is one of those games that combines great music and short time play - great for a break for a slacker like me, because it doesn't make me feel guilty. Unfortunately, it's quite addicting and I think I've spent well over 5 hours on it. :/ But, a new personal best!
Re: Slushy Sundaily

RL: No slush here... but rain expected tonight and all through next week. My day off today. I'm sure the wife will have things for me to do. Otherwise...

D2: Should finish up act I with the sorc. She's fragile. I got hit for 75% by a quill rat in Tamoe and he wasn't even enchanted or nothing. Guess I need to get some damage reduction on. Still looking for a monarch to 'Spirit'... those do drop in 1.12 don't they?
Re: Slushy Sundaily

RL: Went to a sort of martial arts seminar. It's like a training session lead by an experienced guest. It was very interesting. My martial arts focus more on sticks and hitting, while today's stuff was about generating force from the column, and breaking joints.

My friend and his girlfriend are coming over to check what movies are in the cinema, and to watch me play Portal.

D2: Meph runs? Baal runs? None? I dunno yet. All I managed to do today is mule on my meph sorcs gear. It's 4 pm. Was a busy day I guess.
Re: Slushy Sundaily

RL: Assignments again. And a Powerpoint due Thursday I better start. And organizing the examns for Theory of Engineering. Had kids birthday yesterday, it was funny day. In the end, we had seven girls age 6-8 absolutely facinated by a childs version of tabletop gaming, with rules made up to fit for playing in teams.

D2: Just did a round of Cows to break the monotony. I have started a monstrously twinked Whirlbarb that might get a run in the evening, I consider spending my HF rushed runes making Fortitude for him if he gets of age and I can find a 4os Kraken Shell. I don't care that it needs a ridiculous amount of strenght, Archon Plates look ugly in comparison.

OVG: I might hit Killing Floor instead, if the rest of the crew is online. I just broke rank 4 commando yesterday.
Re: Slushy Sundaily

RL: Getting ready for bed, though I will hit the shower and watch 1 episode of True Blood first.

Weather is nice and warm here, but I guess thats pretty obvious when you're in Australia...

D2: Nah, got far too much schoolwork to do.
Re: Slushy Sundaily

RL: Woke up at 1 PM. Don't feel too great today.

D2: Some 1.06 questing with my Barbarian to prepare myself for 1.07.
Re: Slushy Sundaily

@Kanonfutter: I know what you mean. I really don't like the looks of light plates on almost any char. Full plate mail, field plate, or plate mail are my favourite(er) :D

Leather armor for barbarian too(I like how barbs look when using SotV)

But if I were you, I'd try to find something with lower str req's, maybe, ahem, wyrmhide, or perhaps a diamond mail?
Re: Slushy Sundaily

RL: Woke up, made coffee, took clothes to laundry, found all the machines were in use, cursed.

Now: Drinking coffee, foruming, and waiting on the darn washers to open up. :yes:

Upcoming: Wash clothes, apartment cleanings, NaNo (maybe), some Hulu, the usual Sunday stuff.

D2: ?
Re: Slushy Sundaily

@Pijus: Nah, it still carries the surcoat on a Paladin. A Balrog Skin was a close runner-up, because the assasin has black legs using it, but it has a Paladin showing upper parts armor and lower parts a surcoat apparently attached to his belt. Barbarians look patched together no matter what they wear, so I could not care for that.

Unfortunately, there is no full armor look for paladin that also carries black legs for assasins. Guess I can't get everything.
Re: Slushy Sundaily

RL: Back home after a night/morning/afternoon with the GF. Love that chick. Just ate a couple bagel sandwiches and will soon be plugging in the new computer! I'm really antsy to play some new games, but after sorcbob's suggestion to boost the RAM to 4gigs I'm thinking about going to a local electronics shop to check the price on RAM sticks. What kind of stinks is that I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for.

Well, my new shift at work starts tomorrow. The GF is happy, while I'm bumming pretty hard. I hope her attitude washes over me tomorrow, but in the meantime I'm gonna pout a little bit.

D2: Negative.

OVG: The last time I played Xenosaga, I faced a boss. And since every boss in this game has a gimmick, I screwed up and died. Haven't been back yet. But then again, I've been really busy lately.
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