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Oct 19, 2004

Good morning everyone.

I just have a question on + Skill Charms.

Where is the best place to find them?

I heard it was in the Flayer Jungle, Nightmare. On the weekend I completed 60 runs.

I found 29 Grand charms, of those only 1 was a skill charm, and a +1 Bow/Crossbow charm at that.

All the other Grand charms had really low mods, like nothing you would even remotely want to keep, stuff like +17 life , 15% fire resistance, with no second mods.

Did I just have poor luck, or is the NM Flayer jungle just a myth?

Or are my expectations too high? Like is it expected that you would find one about every 50 runs or so :)

I just used a Lightnign Fury Amazon with 200% MF. U dont need MF for charm runs do u ? I just used the Amazon coz she can clear the jungle pretty fast, although since she is so gear dependent I cant load her up with MF gear.

I found 3x Baal Grand Charms 2, I wasted 150 perfect gems to re-roll them, and only got 2 skillers, is this normal?

This was my first time re-rolling grand charms.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Gaza0469 said:
I found 3x Baal Grand Charms 2, I wasted 150 perfect gems to re-roll them, and only got 2 skillers, is this normal?

150 pgems is 50 rerolls. 25 rerolls per skiller. Doesn't sound bad --- how many grand charms do you need to find to get a skiller?

You actually answered your own question before: 29 grandcharms, one skiller. Of course, the sample here is WAAAY too small to guess the real chances, but at least the two results are remarkably similar :)
No, you didn't have bad luck. It was just about average.

NM Flayer Jungle is not really a myth,
but the % difference is so small as to not really make a difference.
It is the first area you can get a Skillz gc, tho.

Don't confuse these %'s and think any area has a higher chance of dropping a gc,
because they don't.
However, *IF* you do find a gc there, *THEN* the chances of it being Skillz is 1/23.
If you wait till Hell Baal, the odds only increase to 1/24,
so you can see there's not much difference.
Same goes for the gc's you reroll from those areas.

Remember, % is just an average. You won't automatically get one
every 23-24 times. It could be more, it could be less.
Over thousand's of times, tho, it will average out to that.

I just read on the forums ages ago that the NM flayer jungle was a really good place to go for skillers - I think my expectations were a bit hig, I think I was sort of expecting a skiller every 10-15 runs :) When realistically finding one about every 50 runs is probably a bit closer.

I found about 1 GC every 2 runs , so I guess the expectation should be roughly 50 runs for a skiller, give or take.

what a Noob I was .

I found a good way to get PGems though to re-roll. Just do your mf runs as normal, and when u find normal/exceptional uniques, just open up a game called "trading for PGEMS"

heaps of ppl will join, then just trade each unique for 2-10 gems.

After about 1 hour of MF, u can easily sell your gear to low level characters for their cubed up gems , and then have around 50 gems. Plus they will think the normal / exceptional items u r giving them are 'l33t' gear.

very useful for re-rolls.
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