Sitting Around Saturdaily.


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Sep 13, 2008
Sitting Around Saturdaily.

As in sitting around right now playing some D2.

RL: Sleeping for a while and going to work, so I can sit around and run some tests. Need to do a few other things after work, have a little shopping to do, but the malls/stores will be a nightmare as all the last minute shoppers go in, so I'll wait until Monday to go. So I'll most likely come home and sit around for a while then too. Supposed to be a pretty good snowstorm Sunday, but we'll see.

D2. As long as I'm sitting around, might as well. Having some fun with a new character, and need some LK runs as well.

Have a good day everyone.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

RL: Free foodz from the grand parents. Early christmas dinner. For an unemployed gamer/slacker this is as good as it gets ;)

D2: Maybe some tournament character play, but probably not.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

RL: Nothing important, having a few brews.

D2: Did a full uninstall/reinstall. Deleted GoMule and RRM/RWM. I'm at the point to where I don't want to mule anymore and just go straight. To each their own but I get more of a sense of accomplishment having to tetris my inventory and stash than extending stash. Started an (eventual) 1.13 WW Barb.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

RL: Heading off to sleep. Need to take care of some boring work here and there tomorrow, but mostly just slacking probably, and cheering for the 'aints to stick it to Dallas. Barely into vacation, and I'm already slothlike. :X. If only it would snow... such nostalgia of spending hours daydreaming of perfect winter nights as a high schooler. Yes, I am strange. :crazyeyes:

D2: Another thousand LK? :p. If requests die down, Christmas stash work as well.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

RL: Taking it as easy as possible, my AC-less room has now got a fan installed but it hasn't improved much anyway. Just sitting still makes me sweat, this summer is gonna be horrible for me who is much more suited for Swedish temperatures :p

D2: Nah, installed Warcraft 3 and am giving it a spin for the first time in many years.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

RL: Very windy right now... will make today's bike ride interesting.

D2: Leveling up the Druid right now on Hell Andy. He found Jalel's Mane, a good one. Still zippo on the Elite Unique side of Flavie.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

RL: Lazy. A few chores before work. My brother goes home today.

D2: Nope.

OVG: HL: Blue Shift.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

*stumbles into a daily*

RL: Flatmate left to stay with his folks for xmas. Other flatmate went to his cousin's 21st while I curled up on the couch and watched Hard Candy.

D2: Matted my lightning 'Zon, Pindled a bit on a Blizzy. Scored a Guardian Angel and a second Wizardspike, might start up a singer barb.

OVG: Wanted to try Assassin's Creed 2 but my flatmate took it with him.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

RL : Going to upgrade to windows 7 (see my yesterday's daily). I'm currently creating back-ups of my disks, just in case something bad happens.

D2 : Maybe.

OVG: Some friends might come to me place to play some mario kart wii.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

To each their own but I get more of a sense of accomplishment having to tetris my inventory and stash than extending stash. Started an (eventual) 1.13 WW Barb.

I'm kind of in the same situation D2 wise, except for deleting stuff. I made an untwinked HC ww barb. Despite his appaling killing speed in act1 normal, I enjoy playing him. Always wanted to get a character through the game completely on my own. I don't recall if I've ever really done that. Maybe this one will manage. I horked a Greyform from a random boss in catacombs level 3.

RL: Went to see Avatar. I liked it. The whole experience. Also, this was my first time watching a movie in 3D. It wasn't very character-exciting(like, say, Glengarry), but more like World-exciting. Does anyone relate to this? :D

D2: The aformentioned ww barb. Maybe my 1.07 ww barb. I had a thought when I was playing my 1.12HC whirler that I wrote down, for his writeup.:scratchchin:

OVG: Yeah right.

@Eddie: I'd like to hear why you are boycoting(spelling?) Avatar now :D

Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

@Pijus: I liked Avatar as well. It wasn`t fantastic or anything, but quite enjoyable. James Cameron doesn`t make horrible movies (I don`t like Titanic, but it isn`t awful like Batman & Robin is awful:)), so I wasn`t expecting anything less.

RL: Visting a friend in the middle of nowhere right now. Going to stay here for the weekend along with a couple of other people who are coming later tonight. Now we`re just drinking beer and watching stupid stuff on youtube:) The other guys went skiing before getting here, but I refuse to venture outside as long as it`s -15 C or less. Simply not happening.

D2. Nope.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

Hey... Batman & Robin has some of the cheesiest Arnie one-liners in recorded history. I must defend it... Cameron doesn't make horrible movies, but he is in my top three most annoying directors.

Avatar just looks... ridiculous.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

RL: Looks like no work for me today. We're supposed to be getting a ton of snow later, so I guess my father opted to not do anything today.

D2: Ashmer and I started up Act 2 normal in 1.07. I got multiple instances to work, so leveling is a bit better at least.
I also got my 1.13 barb up to Trav. I did some run and they generally seen safe. FE/CE mosters still hurt a lot when they die though...
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

I agree about Batman & Robin. It`s hilarious, so it does have some value.

Avatar is slightly ridicolous and some parts are very cheesy, but it`s quite entertaining. I`m really tired of Hollywood blockbusters, so the fact that I`m not bashing the movie completely must make it pretty decent:)
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

Come on guys! Movies are fantasy. Who cares if it's ridiculous, or cheesy, or over the top. When you watch a movie, you get to go places that don't even exist. You can get mouthfulls of realistic relationships and decisions and peolpe in reality. I prefer to daydream.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

Not all movies are fantasy, and they're very subjective, so it may bother some people if it is too cheesy for their tastes. Some people only wish to indulge in alternate versions of this reality, or someone's take on this reality. Some people can avoid whole genres of films for a variety of reasons. [/OT]
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

Movies seem like a window to another world to me, not someones take on some alternate, or our own reality. That's just my view.

I don't much like reality, to be honest. I love to dream, even if it's nightmares, becuase it's fantastic.

No guarantee that anything I say now makes sense to anyone but myself. I think I left a part of my brain in Avatar :D
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

RL: Waking up, and soon I'll be a part of the annoying group of people who save their Christmas shopping until the weekend before the holiday. It kind of gets me in the spirit knowing that I'll be shopping along side what feels like the whole city. I've only gotta get like four gifts, so technically it shouldn't be tough... but something tells me I'll be wandering around stores/town for a good few hours.

D2: Picked up my Whirler last night in ActI NM and got at far as Raki before confusing myself. I just can't figure out what to use for mid-game weaponry. PLUS I also don't have much to give him for when he starts doing Trav runs in Hell save maybe a Death Cleaver/Rune Master combo. So I parked him and picked up where I left off with my Singer from months ago. Do you know the reason I parked that guy? I read a Pat thread and saw that I don't have great gear for him, either. :rolleyes: Still, I took the Singer from the beginning of ActIII NM to Pindle. He'll gain some good levels there since his War Cry will take all the help it can get.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

@TRM: Midgame - hone sudan, crainte vomir, coldsteel eye. These are my favourite. Combine the swords with goblin toes for more effect. There's also Hwanin's bill. I like that one too.
Re: Sitting Around Saturdaily.

RL : it is -10 outside. i still had to go to school at 6 am and only came home now. Not planning much for tonight ^^

D2 : Maybe a little. Need to do one more HF rush set ( *fingers crossed that it will only be one* ) but i am taking my time with it.

OVG : Battleforge, trackmania, the usual.
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