Sir AndyOfMayberry- 1.07 Griswold Paladin (take 2)

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Jun 22, 2003
Sir AndyOfMayberry- 1.07 Griswold Paladin (take 2)

Andy made pat for the second time last week*, knocking off Baal and his cronies in a relatively uneventful fight. Baal was able to do little to stop the determined Mayberrian, although his faithful sidekick Waheed did not survive to see the Lord of Destruction cough his life away.

Much of Andy's gear was assembled by my other chars, but I'd like to thank King's_Specter for the corona and for great 1.07 advice. Mattis also gets a sincere tip of the hat, for general encouragement and since seeing his 'zon up there on the ladder (elsewhere) kept me going in 1.07 long after I'd have tossed in the towel. Call it challenge or inspiration, whichever.

Dellhome123 provided the gris armor, strangely the last piece of the set to be assembled, and SincereX13 was generous with a Mavina's belt, a key piece of Andy's final gear.


Level 73 Paladin

Life: ~1300
Skills: maxed fanaticism, 10 holy shield, 1 pt in zeal, conviction, and vengeance for PIs. ~30 unused skill points.
+5 to all skills from gear

Final equipment:

Gris Corona w/2xPtopaz (borrowed back from my MF sorc)
Gris Caduceus w/Iths
Gris Armor w/Prubies
Gris Vortex shield w/Elds
Mavina's Belt (11% mana leech, 40% FRW)
Priest's Amulet of the whale (+2 skills/+90 life)
Rare ring: 5% life leech +30% Cold Resist +misc.
Rare ring: 7% life leech, +14str, +11 dex, +58 mana, +28% Lightning resist
Crafted Heavy Blood Gloves: 5% life leech, 9% crushing blow, not much else.
Goblin Toe boots

The griz set is great except for its total lack of PDR, MDR, FRW, CB, DS, OW, absorb, and leech of any kind. Add to that the fact that damage on elite weapons in 1.07 is pathethic, and you can see the challenge.

But the caduceus does provide a 4-frame zeal with no other IAS. Throw in enough life leech from gloves/rings and sufficient mana leech off the belt (and the only source of FRW), a few mid-range +max damage charms, 34% Crushing blow off the gloves/boots combo and things start to get interesting. Also, Gris items provide +40 Str and +30 dex, allowing Andy to have a healthy amount of vitality. With the rubies, amulet and +life from the full set bonus, it was enough. Note: despite the three elds and lvl 15 Holy Shield, Andy still had only 66% final blocking.

Extra thanks to SideShowBob and mn4nu just for helping keep the 1.07 community alive. Hope that covers everyone.

P.S. It seems a bit odd to call him a "Griswold Paladin" since at lvl 73 he has only been wearing the set for .02% of his total game time, but the goal was to don the set and kick *** doing it, so mission accomplished. Actually had to do WSK runs to level from 71 to 73 so he could wear his “l33t†set to kill Baal.

*Special supplemental note: Andy originally put on a set of bugged crafted gloves at the same time as the rest of the Gris gear, i.e. for the last two hundredths of one percent of his total playing time. Afterwards, it was pointed out how cheesy this move was, and since my other mats/pats in 1.07 have been cheeseless, I restored the pally back to before that point and then took a second stab at killing Baal using non-bugged items. Thanks to the people who questioned the sense of using those gloves, since they really were not needed (just me being lazy). Also thanks to the giant squid, who apparently ate the original post shortly after it appeared, leading to the need/opportunity to correct the matter in the forum as well as in-game.

One amusing thing revealed by having to go change gear again was that in the first massive ATMA-driven level 73 twinkfest that occurred, Andy’s merc received Grim's Burning Dead... but that stick doesn't have the -50% requirements of its later counterparts, and with only 137 dex, Waheed was 3 points short of the 140 requirement.

I wondered why he seemed even more fragile and ineffectual than usual. Poor sunburned bastard was going up against Baal and co. armed with nothing more than harsh language. :lol:
Gratz on take two of the Pally!! I still don't see the problem with the 1.07 crafting bug, but OK.

I never have problems using only harsh language against Baal.

*Starts chanting to keep the squid away*
congrats DNT :thumbsup: thats a mighty fine achievement
Wow, I find it really impressive you've managed to find the set in the first place. Nice work!
Thanks guys!

As for finding the set, I racked the shield and caddy. But even so, it was lots harder than people make out to get that stuff together.

Many people (including me) are amused by the low-end socket fillers, but uber jewels are a myth in 1.07, and the gris weapon doesn't really deserve them in any case. At least not until 1.09/1.10.
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