Single-player Vindicator - general issues


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Dec 9, 2006
Single-player Vindicator - general issues

Hi. I'm a bit new to these forums, so bear with me as I try to fit in. :smiley:

A few years back, I used to play on quite a bit, but recently started getting into single-player. Paladins have always been my prefered character, so I know quite a lot about them. However, I dropped the game for about a year since the 1.10 patch was released, and didn't pick back up until recently. So as you can imagine, a lot of the changes are still pretty new to me.

At the moment, I am running a single-player game with a Vindicator (Smiter / Hammerdin hybrid) and I am having a few general issues with Hell difficulty. First and forement, I blame my choice of equipment and skill allocation, as I'm used to depending on other players to counter my weaknesses. With single-player, I have to tough it out alone. What I basically did was focus on maxing out Smite, Holy Shield and Concentration for the first 50 levels. Then, I moved into working on Blessed Hammer. After it's maxed, I'm going to put everything else into Blessed Hammer synergies. In regards to my attributes, I've barely touched down on them. Most every point I've invested has gone soley into my Vitality, with a few points in other attributes to help with equipment prerequisites.

For my equipment, that's the tough part. It's difficult to really find decent equipment in single-player mode, so I have to work with whatever I manage to find. At the moment, I have:

Weapon: Pompei's Wrath
Shield: Gemmed Gilded Shield (+85% all resistances)
Head: Rockstopper
Body: Darkglow
Hands: Sander's Taboo
Feet: Waterwalk
Jewely: + resistance, + life, + mana rares

Some of my major issues include dealing with undead enemies, my low resistances, and low mana. I usually have to Smite something an excess of 100 times before it falls. (this is also with the aid of my hireling -- a Holy Freeze mercenary) With undead, Blessed Hammer is a big help, but I'm such a slow caster that it generally proved uneffective. Coupled with this, my mana seems to run out way too quick. My current attributes are: Level 74, 1,006 Life, 259 Mana, 95 STR, 120 DEX, 190 VIT, 45 ENG.

If anyone wants to give me any general suggestions or ideas, then I would definitely appreciate the advice. I'm currently in Act II having difficulty with undead groups and anything that spews charged bolts when you hit it. :undecided:
I think you're going to find completing Hell quite difficult because the Vanquisher is quite item dependent, and since your on single player you will have to find them all.

Ideally with the Vanquisher you would want to reach 6/7Fpa smite and 75Fcr.
But at the moment you have no Fcr and attack at 9Fpa with smite. What makes it more difficult is the fact that you have no items with 'Chance to Life tap' so you have no leech, tanking monsters im guessing would be impossible to do.

To improve your build, i suggest making a Spirit shield and sword (Runeword 'Tal' 'Thul' 'Ort' 'Amn') asap since its very easy to make. I think you should concentrate on BH and Fcr so you can mf more effectively. Then concentrate on smite when you find items to be used in conjuction with smite. Since you are also have mana problems try getting Insight on your merc( 'Ral' 'Tir' 'Tal' 'Sol'), but it can only be made a polearm or stave, so you will need a act2 merc.

Hope this helps. Also Welcome to the Forums.
Hmm. I never thought about Spirit. That's a pretty good idea.

I was actually aiming for Beast with my weapon, though. The idea was to max out Concentration, and then recieve Fanatacism from my weapon. I thought it would be a cool way to boost damage in the long-run. Of course, finding all the runes to make Beast is quite difficult.

By the way, I noticed you called my build "Vanquisher." Is this is most proper term? I've always thought it was Vindicator, but I could be wrong.

And thanks for the welcome. :)
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