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Single Player rushes?


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Aug 3, 2005
Single Player rushes?

What's needed for a single player rush? I'm at act 2 Hell with my meteorb sorc and I'm about to throw my PC out the window. She's lvl 71 with a lvl 70 holy freeze merc. Maggot lair was just rediculus, it took like 35 tp's and about 20 merc rez's and everytime I tried to tele of course I landed smack in the middle of 2 elite packs and got insta gibbed. I wont even get on how stupid the merc AI is.

Well anyways I'm the claw viper temple now and I had to TP 10 times already and rez my merc 3 times and I havent even made it out of the first hallway. Those vipers shred my merc like tissue paper. And I know the rest of 2 and 3 *shudder* arent going to be any better. I just want to get this sorc to Meph so I can finally get some decent gear farming going.

I'm so tired of the Dupeopolis known as battlenet and all the "You don't have enigma and botd? Lawl nub!", but this is just crazy. I'm pleeding for help before I go insane. And yes my grammar sucks I spilled OJ on my keyboard and I guess I didnt get it all off since half my keys stick horribly now so most punctuations and corrections just arent worth it anymore.
Re: Single Player rushes?

Farm NM Baal for some gear that will help make you stronger so you can quest through early Hell to Meph.

Re: Single Player rushes?

I actually did nothing but /player 4 NM Meph from lvl 59-68 where the exp seemed to just stop lol. Seriously 12 runs and I didnt see any movement on the exp bar. And that's killing the center pack of council also each run.

Her gear isn't super terrible I just havent been able to get anything decent to drop for my merc yet. He's just getting decimated. Best I have for him is

Tal's mask,
The Impaler war spear,
and Spirit Forge

sucks I know. my Sorc is wearing

Suicide branch
Skin of the Viper
Visceratuant (shield)
Nagel ring x2
and some random rare boots and a magic mf ammy.

Not the worst or greatest but the best I've managed to find after well over 100 NM Meph runs.

Any suggestions on what to shoot for from NM Meph for my merc so he doesnt get decimated?
Re: Single Player rushes?

This takes me back. I myself started SP with meteorb (whom i mated today lol) and it was little frustrating playing untwinked and doing ALL the quests. I remember spending almost an hour trying to shop good base for leaf. I would highly recommend to get yourself Spirit runeword made in crystal sword. But you need RWM installed for that runeword to be available. Also if you have enough FCR (105 or 64) you can teleport past all of the annoying stuff. Also if you found a 4 soc polearm you could make Insight runeword for your merc (Also needs RWM). It will give you almost infinite mana and also helps you to teleport past all the annoying stuff.

Good Luck on your quest. Keep us updated :)
Re: Single Player rushes?

I do have RWM, the red run one and ATMA installed. ATMA is the only reason I can handle SP. I tried SP many years ago but not being able to mule drove me crazy lol. And yeah I made a Leaf RW way back in Act 1 Normal :).

Going to have to pay attention to socketables for spirit and insight, good ideas. And teleing passed the nasty stuff is what I've been trying to do, I just always land smack in the middle of nasty stuff and get popped. I need to find a way to stack up some FHR. I seriously land in a pack and sit there hearing and watching the tele go off like 6 times and just sit there and die. Very annoying.

My biggest obsticale right now I think is good merc armor. Tal's helm is solid for leech but he just gets shredded to fast for it to even matter. Which is why I was trying to get to Hell Meph. NM Meph hasnt been being very nice to me and is limited on the good stuff he can drop.
Re: Single Player rushes?

Did you go for max block on your sorc? How are your resists? I'd like to see your skills setup aswell. Do you use meteor, or just fireball?
Re: Single Player rushes?

I don't see how a Meteorb would be having so much trouble. I mean, you are using Fireball and Meteor on the Vipers right? When I first skimmed your post I thought for a second that you were a Blizz sorc trying to teleport past everything.

Personally, I love the Maggot Lair. Your merc can't go wrong there -- he always attacks one monster until he finishes it, never spreading his attacks around, and blocks monsters perfectly. And there are so many delicious special chests. The only bad part is the twisty areas, but those aren't a problem with teleport. :)

You could level up in the Pits. You can find good gear there (well, anything can drop as you know), and level up some. 71 is low for A2 Hell; leveling up will help your merc out alot I bet. If the Pits are too difficult, run NM Baal some first.

Insight will help you alot. The Meditation Aura is nice, but what's really neat is that it does so much damage for such a small price. If your merc sends monsters into hit recovery, he will stay alive better.
Re: Single Player rushes?

You merc is having trouble hitting things because his level is lower than that of his enemies. As wakiki said, you should level in the pits. Level 80 may be enough, but you could go for 85.

100 meph runs isn't a whole lot. Try another 100.
Re: Single Player rushes?

As mentioned above

On the whole If you need to rely on a mercenary at any point then the mercenary level has to be near the monster level or at least within 5 levels.

A level 71 mercenary won't be hitting level 85 monsters enough to lifeleech and will also act like a mobile pincushion to any ranged attackers.

My advice therefore is to go back to nm act 5 or hell act 1 and slowly increase player numbers till 75 or even 80 is reached.
Re: Single Player rushes?

The pits are much more interesting than Meph runs, too. :)

If you want to teleport through the game, you need fast teleporting and fast blocking. With a meteorb, though, you shouldn't have to teleport through everything.
Re: Single Player rushes?

100 Meph runs was a random number, like I said I lvld from 59-68 just killing Meph. Maggots lair was a pain. I primarily use meteor and I was spending most of my time in there trying to get my merc to actually attack mobs around the corners. I would try to tele drop him but it would get me wrecked and LoS to cast meteor was miserable.

I've never done a max block sorc before, or an ES one for that matter. I should probably give them a try. Right now at 72 I have,

warmth 1
firebolt 4
fireball 8
meteor 20
fire mastery 14

FO 17
C mastery 1

and pre-reqs and tele, static etc

as far as stats

Strength 136 (just put my extra's in here trying to get up for a monarch)
Vit 200
Dex 51
Energy 58

Spending some time in Pits is a good idea. I actually started a strafer for pit runs. He's at 44 so far using WWS. I also have a 53 LF Zon who may also be a pit runner but the idea behind him was a safe cower (LI King).
Re: Single Player rushes?

You LF amazon can run the pits as long as you have an immunity solution. The typical route is FA, which makes her a fishyzon. She can also do cows, of course. My only real pit runner is a fishyzon, and she's fun to play.
Re: Single Player rushes?

You should have maxed FB before FM and even before Meteor really... that way you have a useful non-timered spell.

I guess character development is one thing you don't learn through BNet...
Re: Single Player rushes?

That's why my strafer was built as my pit runner, I dont foresee an infinity in my lifetime.

And yeah, that's why once I heard about ATMA I went to SP. All Bnet is, is hurry hurry rush me to hell Baal runs!!!! What's the fun of having a lvl 85+ in one day? Especially if all you use it for is to follow bots on Baal runs..

I just have to get switched over to the SP mindset as far as the lvling development goes. I wasn't to concerned with getting this one perfect, it's mainly my Meph killer, BUT still being on the Bnet mindset I didnt think thru actually GETTING to hell Meph.. Even though I did go with Meteorb instead of my normal pure Blizz Meph farmer so I wouldnt be totally pooched in Hell. Oh well Live and learn.

Oh and still way to low for Hell pit, got swiss cheesed lol. Spaced out that's an 85 zone.

Found http://strategy.diii.net/news.php?id=551 again (had it bookmarked 2 PC's ago lol) and it looks like doing Hell Andy runs would probably be my best bet. Kill my way down on /player 5-8 starting at Inner Cloister. And maybe work in a tower run. But anyways instead of stressing over Meph I'm just going to slow down and terrorize Act 1 to lvl up until I can handle Act 2-3.
Re: Single Player rushes?

After I'm done with FO I usually go meteor>fireball>fire mastery.

You should really max FO. It's not valkyrie, can't keep it at 17 :D. I think if you drop a meteor right on a corner in the maggot lair, it should hit monsters just around that corner.

For leveling in early hell I prefer countess above all else. You sometimes get some mid runes there too. The only thing immune to cold in the countess's tower is the countess pack, by the way.
Re: Single Player rushes?

Stephan is spot on.

Your gear isn`t that bad at all, but your skill progression is pretty whacked. Spirit and Insight would make your life easier, especially Spirit. The FHR will make your blind teleporting a lot safer.

I strongly suggest you do Countess and Pits until you are lvl 85-ish and max Frozen Orb and Fireball. Meteor is a decent spell, but can be cumbersome against fast monsters. No more points in Fire Mastery until Fire Ball is maxed, though. Points in FB does more for your Meteor damage since the synergy from FB is also multiplied by Fire Mastery.
Re: Single Player rushes?

+1 for not underestimating FO and FB. A properly-aimed Frozen Orb does 16x (IIRC) the listed damage to the target, and quite a lot to everything else around, and has a lower delay. Fireball damage looks low on the LCS, but don't forget you're throwing three of them per second with 85% FCR, versus getting Meteor impact damage once every second and a half...if you hit with it. Keep FB as your left-click skill and use it a lot.
Re: Single Player rushes?

You're real problem is low level... 72 and you could even level up in act V NM. Not really the best plan, but you do need to get up into the 80s for your merc to be able to perform anywhere near par. So... pick an area in act I that you enjoy playing. It really doesn't have to be pits. I would probably clear my map seed and do a full clear of the entire act.
Re: Single Player rushes?

You could always go back and do some P8 NM Baal runs. That would be an easy way to get up to 75 without too much trouble and would help a lot.

AT might also be safer for you to do some leveling instead of the Pits (although your FO is a bit low for my tastes to run it effectively. I would max it as well as add some more to Cold Mastery)

All Bnet is, is hurry hurry rush me to hell Baal runs!!!! What's the fun of having a lvl 85+ in one day?

Check out these fine threads to discover the fun that is getting to high levels in hours in SP:

the quest for ber which was conceptually based off of this
Guardian #29 - Speedy_II (Project 3 hours)

And you haven't really lived until you've soloed the Hell Ancients with a level 58 Blizzard sorc :whistling:
Re: Single Player rushes?

I've lived... I've lived a lot. I think "soloing" the Hell Ancients with a lvl 58 anything is ridiculous. It's far removed from what I consider fun in games like this. I'm not one to test how much I can push the design of the game to make me stand out as "special".

I don't think that was the intent of the original poster either.
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