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Single Player Rules - Read first before posting

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Aug 5, 2005
Introduction and Site Rules

Welcome to the Single Player Forum. Despite the name the community is very interactive. We often multi-play (MP) with others and have competitions such as the Magic Find Olympics (MFO) and many Hardcore (HC) tournaments.

Please read the rules, including the spoiler content, before posting. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse, it is important that you understand these if you want to be part of the community. The rules have been developed over a number of years and all have much thought and reasons behind them. They are not negotiable. They are applicable for anyone playing Diablo II in Single Player mode on this site, regardless of the sub-forum that is posted in.

If you have any questions please private message the moderator of the SPF and SPTF (@maxicek). Do not post a thread asking for help or assume anything is OK. If in doubt, ask.

Ignoring these rules may get you banned, not just from the SPF, but the entire site.
Ban appeals can be sent via the forum form or emailed to [email protected] and [email protected], the appeal will then be passed on the site Admin.

General Site Rules
1.1 Be polite
1.2 No flaming
1.3 Do not bypass the word filter
1.4 Do not post the names of/discuss mods or practices we don’t accept
1.5 No advertising
1.6 No mod-making - The Phrozen Keep is the place for that
1.7 You agreed to the rules when you joined
1.8 Rules and Moderator decisions are final and non-negotiable

The thing that has kept many of us together for several years is the sense of community. Enjoy your stay and please write an intro thread. It is not compulsory, but it helps us get to know you and gives us a chance to say hello.
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Aug 5, 2005
The Single Player Forum (SPF) is unlike most single player communities. We don't treat it as a testing ground for bnet and we respect our fellow SPF'ers choices. For that reason there are strict rules in place as to what is and is not acceptable on the SP(T)F.

The rules been written as jargon free as possible, but some is inevitable. D2 Terms and Abbreviations may help you if anything is unclear. If in doubt ask.

It is important to understand this concept as it demonstrates how many of the rules decisions are made and explains why abiding by the rules from the point you join the forum is not enough. You characters and items need to have always met the rules, or you may be asked to restart.
Taint is the concept that if a character or item takes part in a practice that the SP(T)F doesn’t accept, all of the characters who interact with that character or item, or items found by that character or using that item, are also tainted.

A very simple example can be, you edit character “Lost” who finds a Stormshield. You use that Stormshield on a MF character “Gurger”. “Lost”, the Stormshield and “Gurger” tainted. Any items found by “Gurger” after the Stormshield is equipped and any character who uses items found by “Gurger” after the Stormshield was equipped are also tainted. As are any items found by characters using items found by “Gurger”.

So you can see it’s very important to the SPF that you follow our practices if you are going to be part of our community and especially important if you are intending to MP/trade here. Anything which you do may cause another member of the community to lose their characters and/or items.

Levels of Restriction
As you read the rules, you will notice several levels of restrictions:
1. Permitted, not required to be declared.
2. Permitted, must be declared.
3. Discouraged, must be declared.
4. Banned, not permitted to be used.
See the section on trade profiles below for how to declare mod use.

Discouraged means the SPF discourages the practice. It does not give forum members the right to publicly or privately attack or intimidate people who have or choose to indulge in the practice.

Rules for The Current Patch

By posting in this forum you agree to abide by and respect these rules.
The following rules are applicable for those that are playing the current patch, which is defined as 1.14d. Anyone not playing the current patch is viewed to be Time Travelling and must also abide with the rules in post 3.

2.1. Runeword Mod (RWM) is allowed to enable ladder runewords in the current patch.
This mod is also included in the Singling utility, the use of which is permitted. However be aware that Singling also includes other (permitted) modifications. Ensure you read all the rules for the bundled modifications if you use it.

2.2. ATMA and GoMule are allowed for muling
ATMA is the original SPF muling utility, but now a little outdated. PC only.
GoMule is the best application for the current patch. It is written in Java, so is multi-platform.
You may also mule by making a multi-player game and transferring items between characters. But really, just use GoMule.

2.3. Multi Instance dll is permitted to run multiple copies of the game.
Special note: This is allowed in the SPF and SPTF only. A vanilla shortcut is NOT enough, you need to replace the .dll if you go on Bnet.

2.4. Rules for Hardcore
  • Stripping items from dead characters is not allowed.
  • Moving items from SC to HC is strictly forbidden
  • Moving items from HC to SC is allowed but discouraged.
Looting of dead Hardcore characters using a Muling program is forbidden. However looting os a dead HC character in an MP game is permitted.

HC ->SC transfers are allowed because it has been done for many years and is in the MP/trade pool. We would rather you did not do it, but it is not against the rules.

2.5. Ingame commands are permitted: /playersx, /nopickup, /fps /framerate
/playersX - Simulates X (number between 1-8) unpartied players being in the game with you. Monster difficulty and drops increase accordingly. Not just accepted, positively encouraged. It is part of what makes SP so good.

/nopickup - Stops you accidentally picking up items. Press Alt to display them and allow pickup. Typing again turns it off.

/fps - For showing basic framerate and ping. Often used in multi player (MP) games.

/framerate - Shows more information than /fps

2.6. Command line commands - only -w and -ns are allowed.
These commands are entered in the shortcut that you run D2 from. Not applicable for Mac users.

These commands are allowed and are not required to be declared:
-w - Starts the game in windowed mode.
-ns - Starts the game without sound. Used to speed up runs.

These commands are not allowed:
-act5 - Starts the game in act 5.
-seed - Historically this has been permitted, but is now banned going forward. If you have used it it should be declared, but there will be no further actions required.

It is not (and has never been) permitted to share map seeds or request a map seed for any purpose.

2.7. The following exploits of third party programs are discouraged but not against the rules.
  • Hot muling
  • Indestructable Ethereal / ATMA Bugging
Hot muling is muling while the character you are muling from is in game. It's rarely done because of the risk of creating duplicate items (aka 'duping'). It's usually done with Gheed’s Fortune (unique grand charm) because you can only carry one at a time. This is acceptable but should be declared and care must be taken so that the items are not duped.

These instructions are included to help prevent dupes being created, not to encourage the practice:
So you are playing Teagan and she has a Gheeds. Another Unique charm drops.
  • Minimize to desktop and open ATMA or GoMule. You open Teagan and another character which doesn't have a Gheeds or any stash file.
  • You move Teagan's Gheeds to the other character or stash. You save that file and exit ATMA or GoMule.
  • Back in game you drop Teagans identified Gheeds on the ground and pick up the UnID'd one.
  • You play as normal and when you next exit you can put the 'new' Gheeds in the stash and get the first one back. Same as you would swap any other item.

The ATMA Bug
A bug was found that left Ethereal items indestructible when a runewords with the indestructible property is unsocketed. This was later discovered to be an ATMA bug. It is normally done with Oath or Death runewords, so is mainly (but not exclusively) affecting RWM users.

Going forward we would rather that players refrained from either of these activities. However both are in the trade pool and have been legal for some time, eliminating them entirely is not practical.

(ATMA bugging should not be confused with the Horardric Cube bug that gives extra defense to ethereal armour when it is socketed by the cube recipe. This is perfectly acceptable)

2.8. Other bugged items may only be used with the moderators’ approval.
If you have any other 'bugged' item then you should PM both Moderators and wait for authorization to use it. This is applicable to all items which do not naturally appear in-game but have arisen due to a gameplay oddity or crash etc.

2.9. Sven's Glide Wrapper is permitted.
Singling includes Glide Wrapper, this is permitted.
No other graphic modifications are permitted.
No modifications that allow the game to be run at higher resolutions are permitted. Classic may only be run at 640x480 resolution and LoD at 800x600. They may be run in windows that are scaled directly.

2.10. No other mods are permitted and may not be named. Unless the mod is named above, it is not accepted here, even if it does something similar to something that we do accept. If in doubt, PM the Moderators and wait for a response.
Mods of the following types are banned, including but not limited to:
  • Character Editors
  • Trainers
  • Drop Mods
  • Muling applications other than ATMA / GoMule
  • Annihilus / Torch mods
  • Pandemonium event mod
Naming of banned mods is not permitted. We want to keep the forum as mod free as possible - Naming of banned mods means posts show up in search results, which attracts the wrong sort of players.

Mod development is not supported here. We suggest you discuss this at The Phrozen Keep. Do not link to files unless they have been approved; you must message the moderators with any proposed mods before posting and wait for their response.

2.11. Other activities that are not accepted here:
  • Duplicating Items (Duping)
  • Reloading backup files to repeat game events
  • Open Bnet
  • Exchanging CD Keys / game files
  • Posting edited characters / items
  • Posting screenshots of banned mods or illegal items (eg Annihilus in SP)
  • Requesting, posting links to or naming mods or third part programs not permitted by this forum.
Duping - Any activity that duplicates an item is strictly forbidden.

Reloading backup files to repeat game events - This includes, but is not limited to reloading backup save files to
- Re-roll runewords, crafts or magic items
- Have multiple attempts at the Hellforge quest in Act IV.
- Repeat cube socketing

Open Bnet - Characters/items that have interacted with Open Bnet are not allowed in the SPF trade or MP pool. This is due to the high number of dupes and hacks on Open Bnet and the less than strict code some of the players have on open.

2.12. Macro use is not permitted
Remapping keys is acceptable but using one keystroke or mouse click to execute a set of commands is not.

2.13. The “What you do on your own computer” rule
What you do on your own computer is up to you but we really recommend that you adopt the rules and become a full member of the community. Please contact the moderators if you have any questions regarding this.
  • Do not share screenshots showing any illegal mods or items
  • Do not trade or participate in any tournaments that require a trade profile. You are permitted to join other tournaments at the host’s discretion.
  • Do not join an MP or PvP game
  • Do not promote, endorse or even mention the illegal modifications that you are using.

2.14. You are required to declare your mod status when interacting with other players in MP or trade.
You are Vanilla if:
  • You do not and have never used use RWM / RRM / CRM
  • You have not used an item found by a FAM character or put such an item in your stashes.
  • You have not entered an MP game with a FAM character - i.e. Your character has not gained experience from a FAM character.
  • Entering a PvP game with a Vanilla character does not change your mod status as there is no Experience gain.

You are Forum Accepted Modifications (FAM) if:
  • You use or have used RWM / RRM / CRM
  • You have used an item found by a FAM character
  • You have been in a MP game with a FAM character, other than PvP.

2.15. A trading profile is required if you participate in any item exchange, or tournament where item exchange takes place.
Trading rules in Section 4 must be followed. All trading takes place in the SPTF sub-forum.
A trading profile is required for applicable tournaments, even if you do not exchange / plan to exchange items.

2.16 Technical support for Forum Accepted Modifications and Muling programs is covered in the Game Changes Thread only
If you have technical questions about the mods that we do accept here please post in the Game Changes Help Thread (inc ATMA/GoMule). Do not start a new thread.

If you have any questions you may PM the SPF/SPTF Moderators.
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Aug 5, 2005
Rules for Time Travellers

3.1. All rules for the current patch posted above are applicable. The following additional rules are applicable.

3.2. You are permitted to play any of the following patches. The table below details restrictions for the various patches.
PatchTypeRelease DateCommentsRRM PermittedRWM PermittedTrading PermittedMulti DLL SupportedATMA** SupportedGoMule Supported
1.14dLoD07-Jun-16Bug fixesNYYYYY
1.14cLoD17-May-16Bug FixesNYYYYY
1.14bLoD07-Apr-16Fixed Mac client crashesNYYYYY
1.14aLoD10-Mar-16Upgraded for new PCs & MacsNYYYYY
1.13dLoD27-Oct-11Bug fixesNYYYYY
1.13cLoD23-Mar-10First official version - Upped rune drop rates yet againNYYYYY
1.13bLoD23-Feb-10Second Beta: Rune drops upped againNYYYYY
1.13aLoD10-Dec-10First Beta: Upped rune drop rates, removed IM, added respecs and coloured runesNYYYYY
1.12LoD17-Jun-08Removed requirement to have CD in driveYYYYYY
1.11bLoD13-Sep-05Bug fixes - Peace RW on Merc no longer summons Valk.YYYYYY
1.11LoD01-Aug-05Added class specific RWsYYYYYY
1.10fLoD08-Jul-04Ladder RWs enabled on BNetYY***YYYY
1.10LoD28-Oct-03First official 1.10 patchNNYYYN
1.10sLoD04-Aug-03Beta: The one with the CtA / Delerium / Crescent MoonNNYYYN
1.10aLoD17-Jul-03Beta: The one with the +2 Skills BKWBNNYYNN
1.09dLoD05-Dec-01/players8 now maximum, chance to cast brokenNn/aYYYN
1.07LoD29-Jun-01Original version from LoD CDNn/aYYYN
1.06bClassic17-May-01Last Classic patch before LoDn/an/aNYNN
1.00Classic29-Jun-00Original version from D2 CDn/an/aNYNN

Major versions played by the SPF are shown in dark red.
* Permitted subject to the applicable rules. Please check carefully
** Not all versions of ATMA are compatible with the older versions. Check the guides for the version you are playing for which specific version to use.
*** RWM version for 1.11+ is not to be used with 1.10 or you will also add the RWs for that version.

3.3. Red Rune Modification (RRM) / Coloured Rune Modification (CRM) are permitted is stated patches only.
RRM was introduced in 1.10 to make runes more visible, the Coloured Rune Mod (CRM). They were made redundant in patch 1.13 when orange runes were introduced.

RRM and CRM are permitted in patches 1.10f to 1.12 only. If you have used RRM / CRM in an earlier patch previously, it must be declared in your trade profile, but no further action is required.

3.4. Moving Items forward to later versions is permitted
We hope that you play older patches for the challenge and the enjoyment, not just to farm items for use in later patches. However if you do bring items forward:

3.4a. Items and characters go forward in versions, never back.
This should be self explanatory. You can’t move a 1.09 5% Faster Run/Walk charm back to 1.07.
But you are also not allowed to move items back to seemingly identical versions. If you play 1.14d, you cannot then move items or characters back to 1.13d.

3.4b. Items and characters must be moved forward through the patches in order
In practice this means items found in Classic must first be brought into 1.07 LoD before being forwarded to later versions.
(Classic 1.00 to 1.06) -> 1.07 -> (1.08 to current patch)

3.5. Exploitation of the 1.07 Dual Wielding bug is not permitted.
If you have exploited this bug in the past it must not be used going forward. No further action is required, although it should be declared in the trade profile.

3.6 Exploitation of the 1.07 Rejuvenation Potion vendor bug is discouraged
This is essentially using an in game bug to duplicate items. Yes it has been known about and around for a long time, but that does not make it correct. If you could do something similar with gems for example, we would have banned it years ago.

3.7. Exploitation of bugs must be checked with the moderators before proceeding
If new bugs are discovered in any version, ensure you get approval from the moderators before you start exploiting it. If you do not it may lead to a character or items getting deleted.

3.8. The following utilities only are permitted to help switching between versions
  • Trenshaws Version Switcher / packaged by mattinm
  • Bliss Version Switcher

3.9. MP and Trade of D2 Variants are no longer supported in the SP(T)F.
Examples of D2 Variants:
  • Hell Unleashed
  • Median
  • Eastern Sun
  • Treeharls balance mod

There is no longer a forum demand for this, demand is better served in the forums specific to the mods.

They may still be discussed in the SPF as Other Video Games (OVG) or in Off Topic (OT) threads.
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Aug 5, 2005
Rules for Single Player Trading

In addition to all the above rules, the following are applicable to traders:

4.1 Trade and Giveaway threads are only allowed in the SPTF
Do not post Off-Topic threads or OT posts in the SPTF. If you aren't involved in the deal, stay out of the thread.
Do not post trade threads or even queries in the SPF.

4.2. Do not “bump” or "spam" your thread.
If someone is interested in your items, they will find them.

4.3. Traders have the right to politely decline a trade for any reason.
The trader does not need to state the reason for declining the trade.

4.4. Report any suspicious traders or trading activity to the moderators
If you are suspicious of a trader then PM the Moderators and decline the trade by PM. Sending accusatory PMs about other members is not acceptable

4.5. Runes and runewords may be traded as long as they have a history
Runes of Vex and up should have a history.
Runes of Lo and up must have a screenshot.
Runewords should include the history of the runes / screenshots as above.

This is the minimum required

4.6. The following items are not permitted to be traded under any circumstances
4.6.1. Any item that has been in contact with a mod or program not permitted by the SPF rules
4.6..2 Duped items
4.6.3. Items created or found by a character using any third-party program or modification not permitted by the SPF rules
4.6.4. Anything that's been in contact with Open Bnet - before MP/trading please contact the Moderators if you have been on Open
4.6.5. Bugged items (Bugged items are considered to be items that cannot normally spawn in Diablo. A glitched ribcracker that adds 400 to mana cannot be traded. (Things like ethereal armors socketed with the cube recipe are fine.) ATMA Ebugged items may be traded but should be declared as such.
4.6.6. Characters*
4.6.7. Quest rewards (This applies to the quest reward itself. Items created or modified by a quest reward are fine.)
4.6.8. Any “real life” items or service - including cubing
4.6.9. Items looted from dead HC characters with any muling program.

*Characters may be loaned to other players if both players have at least six month’s history within the SP(T)F.
Rushing characters in exchange for items is forbidden.

4.7. All traders must have a valid trade profile
Trade profiles must be posted as a new thread in the Trader Profile Sub-Forum
See also rule 2.15 above.

Trade profile must include the following information as a minimum:
4.7.1 Forum Name
4.7.2 Date profile was last revised
4.7.3 A list of each version played, along with HC / SC and mod status for each version

Note this is a change from previous rules - You have to list your mod status per version, not just in the header.

A template and example are available in the Trader Profile Sub-Forum

4.8. It is your responsibility to check your trading partners thoroughly.
The formal "Probation" and "Full Trade Status" definitions have now been removed, as the SPTF is generally quieter.

However, the the recommendation not to trade certain items (see rule 4.20) in the first six months of a member joining the SPF (not the site) remains.

Research your trading partners thoroughly. If something goes wrong, you are likely to as a minimum lose any items exchanged (see the notes on taint).

4.9. All trade thread titles must include the correct tags
4.10. All posts in trade thread must be tagged correctly
Trade tags allow us to see easily where an item is being used. The basic format is: [<Version> <Pool> <Mods>]
<Version> <Pool> <Mods>
 1.07      HC     Vanilla
 1.09d     SC     FAM

For example:
[1.14d SC vanilla] is a 1.14d item, softcore without any FAM interaction.
[1.12a SC FAM] is an item in 1.12a softcore with one or more of RWM, RRM, CRM
[1.07 SC Vanilla] is an item currently in 1.07 softcore without any FAM interaction

If the item has been found and is still in the same mod/version/pool only one tag is required.
If the item has been moved forward (e.g. from 1.07 to 1.14d) it is generally best to specify that (e.g. 1.07 SC Vanilla > 1.14d SC FAM).

If you are posting items from multiple versions, tags must clearly indicate the status of each item offered. It is suggested you post items in groups by version and use code boxes or spoiler tags to keep it clear which tag goes with which items

If you have made a mistake in your thread title, message both moderators as ask for it to be corrected.

4.11. Trade tags must hyperlink to your trade profile
For example:
1.13c SC FAM FTS.

See how nulio posted here

4.12. All items offered must include a GoMule / ATMA readout
GoMule / ATMA readouts must be posted by both the sender and the receiver in a trade.
Do not just copy & paste what the sender posted, the receiver must regenerate the readouts so that it can be checked for consistency.

If a GoMule / ATMA readout cannot be posted for any reason, the item may not be traded.

4.13. If you have traded / MPed with FAM people, you are FAM even if you have never installed it.
Even if you have never made a ladder runewords yourself, you are FAM if you trade with someone who is FAM. Vanilla doesn’t mix with anything.

See the section on taint in the SPF Rules thread for more information.

4.14. You may not offer items to someone if those items will change their status
FAM members may not offer items to vanilla players unless that player has specifically stated that they will accept FAM items.

4.15. Loaning of items is not supervised by the SPTF
If you loan something and it isn't returned or is returned in a different state you have lost the item. End of story. Don't complain to us and don't restore a backup of your items.

4.16. Private trades must be reported
If you negotiate a trade directly by messages, please report the results in the SPTF.

If you have traded on other forums, you must contact the moderators before trading here.
Many people are members of other forums. They may trade there, however other forums are not as strict as we are as regards mods. If you have traded on other forums that allow mods/programs that we do not you may not trade here.

Trading items or playing characters on Open Battle.net with strangers or with an unknown host will prevent any affected characters and items from being able to enter the SPF trading and MP pool.

4.17. Auctions are permitted with the following restrictions
4.17.1. An end time and date must be specified — a week is usually enough
4.17.2. A clear ISO must be posted
4.17.3. Auctions result in sales
4.17.4. Setting a minimum bid price is a good idea. Top end items might be best not described as auctions; it allows for more flexible negotiations.
4.17.5. Post a 24 hour warning, use the format "24 hours from this post" NOT 2pm EST
4.17.6. The auctioneer decides the value of offers to determine who is winning.
4.17.7. You may only run one auction thread at a time. When one auction ends and all trades completed, you may start another.
4.17.8. There may be no more than TEN items in any one auction
4.17.9. Auctions for pgems only: There may be no more than TWENTY items in any one auction.

Note: Bids may be rejected if you are uncomfortable with bidder. You must do this politely via PM or in the thread and you should always PM a Moderator to let them know you have done this.

If someone you don't want to trade with bids at the last second, do not close the auction. Contact the bidder as explained above and remove their bid before closing the auction.

An example of an auction can be found here

4.18. The following additional rules apply to Giveaways
4.18.1. Giveaways must follow the same process of reporting the items sent as any other trade.
4.18.2. Allow a trade post to be up for 48 hours before offering items for free. Let the smaller traders have a chance to trade first.
4.18.3. Do not offer items for free if trade negotiations are already underway
4.18.4. Giveaway threads should have [Giveaway] at the beginning of the thread title

4.19 Each trader must follow this process when completing a trade:
4.19.1. Create a stash within an approved muling program (ATMA/GoMule)
4.19.2. Fill the stash with the items to be traded
4.19.3. Save the stash with an applicable name (something like: [name of user trading to][date] (e.g. mattinm11082018 would be a trade to mattinm on 11/08/2018) in a specific trading folder; if any problems arise, one can easily see exactly what one sent)
4.19.4. Email the stash to the other trader
4.19.5 Post ATMA / GoMule readouts of all the items sent in the trade thread
4.19.6. The other trader will receive the stash and reply with their own stash.
4.19.7. Traders post a printout of the stash received in the trade thread. Make new rradouts for what was received - do not copy & paste what the other person sent.
4.19.8. Check the sent & received readouts are consistent.
4.19.9. Open the stash you received in your muling program and move the items onto a character or into your own stash

4.20. The following items are recommended not be traded with new members
See rule 4.8. This list is for guidance, remember to research your trade partners before making or accepting an offer.

Time Travelled Items
Any items that can only drop in patch 1.09 or earlier.

Unique Weapons
Astreon's Iron Ward       Caduceus
Death Cleaver             Berserker Axe
Death's Fathom            Dimensional Shard
Death's Web               Unearthed Wand
Mang Song's Lesson        Archon Staff
Stormlash                 Scourge

Unique Armour
2os Crown of Ages         Corona
2os Giant Skull           Bone Visage
Griffon's Eye             Diadem
Schaefer's Hammer         Legendary Mallet
Shadow Dancer             Myrmidon Greaves
Steelrend                 Ogre Gauntlets
Tyrael's Might            Sacred Armor
Windforce                 Hydra Bow

Unique Jewellery & Jewels
Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band  Ring
Highlord's Wrath          Amulet
27+ Mara's Kaleidoscope   Amulet
The Stone of Jordan       Ring
Metalgrid                 Amulet
Rainbow Facets            Jewel  (any perfect +5/-%5)

Set Items
Griswold's Honor          Vortex Shield
Griswold's Redemption     Caduceus
Immortal King's Soul Cage Sacred Armor
Tal Rasha's Adjudication  Amulet
Tal Rasha's Guardianship  Lacquered Plate

Beast                     Ber-Tir-Um-Mal-Lum
Bramble                   Ral-Ohm-Sur-Eth
Brand                     Jah-Lo-Mal-Gul
Breath of the Dying       Vex-Hel-El-Eld-Zod-Eth
Chains of Honor           Dol-Um-Ber-Ist
Destruction               Vex-Lo-Ber-Jah-Ko
Doom                      Hel-Ohm-Um-Lo-Cham
Dragon                    Sur-Lo-Sol
Dream                     Io-Jah-Pul
Enigma                    Jah-Ith-Ber
Eternity                  Amn-Ber-Ist-Sol-Sur
Faith                     Ohm-Jah-Lem-Eld
Famine                    Fal-Ohm-Ort-Jah
Fortitude                 El-Sol-Dol-Lo
Fury                      Jah-Gul-Eth
Grief                     Eth-Tir-Lo-Mal-Ral
Hand of Justice           Sur-Cham-Amn-Lo
Ice                       Amn-Sheal-Jah-Lo
Infinity                  Ber-Mal-Ber-Ist
Last Wish                 Jah-Mal-Jah-Sur-Jah-Ber
Phoenix                   Vex-Vex-Lo-Jah
Pride                     Cham-Sur-Io-Lo
Wind                      Sur-El
Wrath                     Pul-Lum-Ber-Mal

Lo, Sur, Ber, Jah, Cham, Zod

Grand Charms
(Prefix)                  (Suffixes)
Burning                   of Vita / of Balance
Captain's                 of Vita / of Balance
Chilling                  of Sustenance / of Vita / of Balance
Entrapping                of Vita / of Balance
Fungal                    of Sustenance / of Vita / of Balance
Graverobber's             of Vita / of Balance
Harpoonist's              of Sustenance / of Vita / of Balance
Lion Branded              of Sustenance / of Vita / of Balance
Mentalist's               of Vita / of Balance
Natural                   of Vita / of Balance
Shogukusha's              of Vita / of Balance
Sounding                  of Vita / of Balance
Sparking                  of Sustenance / of Vita / of Balance
Spiritual                 of Vita / of Balance
Sharp                     of Vita / of Balance
Shimmering                of Vita / of Balance
Steel                     of Vita / of Balance

Small Charms
(Prefix)                  (Suffixes)
Fine (+3/XX only)         of Balance / of Vita / of Fortune (7%)
Shimmering (5% only)      of Balance / of Vita / of Fortune /  
                          of Sustenance / of Inertia
Ruby (11%)                of Vita
Amber (11%)               of Vita
Sapphire (11%)            of Vita
Emerald (11%)             of Vita

(Prefix)                  (Suffixes)
Ruby (%Enhanced Damage)   of Bliss / of Carnage / of Fervor
Scintillating             of Fervor / of Freedom / of Truth
Ruby (27%+ Resist)        of Fervor
Ambergris (27%+ Resist)   of Fervor
Sapphire (27%+ Resist)    of Fervor
Emerald (27%+ Resist)     of Fervor

Words of Advice
  • PM your email, don't post it.
  • Check your trade partners before making or responding to an offer.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.

If you are unsure about anything re-read the rules. If you are still unsure, message both moderators and wait for the reply.
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Aug 5, 2005
Change Log

1.0 First version.
1.1 Corrected error in the time travel table
1.2 Added rule to cover use of Glide Wrapper
1.3 Added Trade Rules in post 4
1.4 Added note regarding restoring from backup to rule 2.11. This was previously covered by the Duping rule.
1.5 First version on this site. Added clarification that the rules apply site wide.

If you have any questions please private message both moderators of the SPF and SPTF (@Thyiad and @maxicek). Do not post a thread asking for help or assume anything is OK. If in doubt, ask.
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