Signup thread for the next mafia game (start date 8/21)


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Mar 16, 2020
Game type will be determined by the number of signups

1-5 People: Normal
5-7 People: Close to normal
7-9: Not normal
10+: ??

1. Noodle*
2. d2lover
3. D2DC
4. Leo
5. Huckit
6. Pyro

*For ninja editing the thread to signup, Noodle will start the game with a handicap.


1. zemaj
2. Bad Ash

Missng in action:

Spectating from the bushes:

1. @superdave
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@Noodle has been modkilled out of the signup for sneaky editing.
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Just spectating.
Just spectating.


Update, working on a master list of people's emails (from the old days forward) for mafia game purposes. If you want to be included PM me a current email. I will be sharing the list with Noodle and likely people who run games.
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I haven't heard from @Pyrotechnician so I'm going ahead with this one.

As to the start of the game, I'm going to wait a week, possibly two just to see if we can get some more people.
Placeholder for possible sign up, but will have to play it by ear
End of the month! 😬

I have an idea for a small game if we can get 5-7 players by this weekend?

We could play toss the Noodle. Sort of like hot potato with an explosive.
Final signup update, I'm leaving this open until Thursday night. Then will work on getting the game ready to go this Friday regardless of who is signed up or not.

Anyone not that ins'e listed as "playing" in the first post in a numbered slot won't be included.
Put me down for in, went on a little vacation so stepped away for a while.

Modkill D1.

Edit: I'm using a revised rule set, so everyone will need to read them again when I post the game thread.
The name of the game will be: "Window of Opportunity"
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