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[Signup] Narcos Mafia Game reboot - Medellín vs Cali Cartel

Sep 12, 2013

I'm not sure how familiar everyone is with this series, or the history of the drug cartels in Colombia. Most of us probably know Pablo Escobar (head of the Medellín cartel). But, were you aware that there was a rival cartel based in Cali, Colombia, founded by Gilberto and Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela?

This game will be based on the characters in the Netflix series "Narcos", and will mostly be following the game setup of War in the Palace.

Since we've got a lot of activity around the Mafia forums at the moment, I'm hoping to launch this fairly quickly. Exactly 7 or 9 players would be needed. Please sign up if you're interested and indicate what kind of EoD schedule would work well for you. I am leaning towards an afternoon end of day (US East coast), which would hopefully give everyone here in the States all morning/lunch break to post. That would also give our European players a more manageable evening EoD time.

1. Noodle
2. Leopold Stotch
3. coju
4. snickersnack
5. Skjolde
6. Pyrotechnician
7. Babyhell
8. Zhao_Yue
9. d2lover
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I feel like I need a bit of a break honestly, and also me not playing frees up a slot for people that turned up recently or recently started playing.
Ahoy. Spot 2 2 please. No EoD preference.
As long as I can be George.
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I don't know if people actually follow the forum, I had the same peoblem with each of my games....

Tears - gave up.
Bad Ash - all talk and will likely not come back
zemaj - no idea on that guy, he got all political in the OTF during the attack on the capitol thing and hasn't been seen or heard from since.
Zarn - gone like a fart in the wind
logo- apparently does not have a PC of any kind and has issues reading, etc on mobile.
Luhkoh - dunno.
I think it's good he doesn't quite get everything he wants. Keeps him from getting complacent.
Like a midget standing at a urinal, you have to keep on your toes around here.
Yung. George yung. Spot 2. Yeah, y’all do y’all’s thing with that.
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I'm not familiar with that show, but count me in. I'll get my tunneling tools ready.

I just got back from two weeks in Arizona (week 1 Great! week 2 Meh!).

Edit: I have work starting Monday, but I don't have to be "at" work for about two weeks. Any EoD works for me.
Sign me up! Great news about the new EoD. It always sucked not being around for the last few hours, when scum was trying to create a lynch train cho choo.
Yeah sure, put me on the list.

Same on the notifications thing, I got a notification that someone posted in some other random thread that I posted in like a year ago, but not this. Does the @ thing even do anything? Lol.
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