Should I Use golems/revive skills?


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Dec 8, 2009
Should I Use golems/revive skills?

Congratulations - you are reading my first post. (Yes, I did search for similar threads)

Anyways, I'm on my way to leveling up my lvl73 summoner/cursor necromancer - Right now, I strictly use Mages and skeletons (And mainly Lower resist for my mages), But the thing is, are golems and revived monsters really that useful?... according to other threads, Clay golems are the most useful. Also, I don't want to have a huge revive army tagging along since their hard to manage and they lag a lot. - If I do use revive, that will be 1 revive per skill point, and that seems like a waste. If I end up deciding not to make golems/revives, than I will use bone armor - as this seems to be a useful skill for my B&p Necromancer. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
Re: Should I Use golems/revive skills?

Keep only skele skills maxed, others 1 point, i have my clay golem at 8k hp on hell and 17 revives. :thumbsup:
Also, remember that if you use minions, dont waste more than 1 point on bone armor, they should be hitting your army.
Before i finish up one more thing, you said they are hard to manage?
Try using town portal scrolls and/or enigma/telecharges.
Also you should only spend only 1 point on curses, lower resist pretty much caps aroud 60-65 negative resists
Re: Should I Use golems/revive skills?

Golems and revives are worth 1 point but generally no more (with exceptions)...

1 Point in each golem makes any of them Hell durable... They won't be fast killers but golems help you get a first corpse for your skele army... This is especially usefull if you die and dont have enough gold to resurrect your merc... Cast a clay golem at Diablo along with decrep and he's a breeze (clay golems slow a target)...

Iron golems are great if you make him with weapons that have auras, crushing blow, poison damage, and chance to cast... Bonehews, Bonesnaps, Viperforks, and Ariocs are ignored by most players but i scoop em up and wait for my I/G to die... Many people use aura items for I/G like insight, pride, last wish, etc... It's a viable practice if you're careful about iron maiden and put some points into mastery...

Revives are a cliche "one point wonder"... Nurman covered controlling them with teleport and portals... Or just cast them against the current monster pack your skeles are fighting and move to the next pack and cast more... They die after 3 minutes anyway, so you won't become attached to them emotionally...

P.S. Corpse explosion is a fantasitc skill if you haven't 1 pointed it yet... I max C/E (for the radius) but just 1 pointing it will help alot...
Re: Should I Use golems/revive skills?

As taxcut said - corpse explosion seems useful for me and i'll make sure to not max out my curses. - I think iv'e made my choice. Thanks guys. :D
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