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Apr 4, 2020

Shenron is what you may call full melee paladin who uses Zeal, Charge and Smite as his killing skills. So, why to name him zealot? Because Charge/Smite is quite typical for any Grief wielding paladin, but Zeal however is not. Any PvP zealot will use those skills to kill, with exception of two hander who will use Zeal/Charge to kill, or go full Charge instead.

Shenron is named after dragon from dragonball GT. Name comes from chinese mythology name Shenlong where it means "god dragon" or "spirit dragon". And I must add, I really like this character a lot. Obviously that is a reason why I play him so frequently.

Character name: Shenron
Class: Paladin
Level: 96
Build: Zealot
Power Level: Flush ooooooooon!

Stat Points:
103 (175)
Dexterity: 137 (172)
Vitality: rest
Energy: base, not important

20 Sacrifice
20 Zeal
20 Charge
19 Vigor Aura
20 Fanaticism
1 prereqs
1 Salvation
Holy Shield from CtA stick

There are few ways you can go here. First is this, maxing Zeal and putting rest into Charge + synergies for it. Other way is to go something in between, to have stronger Charge, but slightly weaker Zeal. Third way is to go all in Charge and rest into Zeal. I have tried all 3 variants and I like this one best. First of all, your Zeal is stronger and Charge is strong enough to take care of almost everything. Going into max Charge makes it very deadly, but your Zeal will be weaker that you will actually feel the difference. Before I used mainly Charge to kill, but lately I don't like charging around that much, so Zeal is my main killing skill and I have build zealot this way.


You can go 1.07 Ber shako variant and that might be stronger, but I prefer more style in a form of CoA. I have only one setup on zealot and that is enough. Okay, when I don't need DR I could go something else as helm, but I'll prepare that when I find something worth using. I do have some variants on this one setup, depending on who am I facing.

Main setup

Life: 4105-4243 (with Oak 5072)
Mana: 747-830
Zeal AR: 8282-10236-14611
Charge AR: 10800-19k+
DR: 39-50%
Defense: 7200+
FCR: 55-75
FHR: 90-100

Stats depend on what typical rings am I using. If I use dual Ravenfrost or only 1 Ravenfrost or Raven + Angelic combo. Also can use Dungo as belt to get 50% DR or OW belt.

Helm: BerBer CoA
Body: Enigma superior AP
Amulet: Highlord's/Angelic/crafted 2/20 fcr
 Storm Necklace
Required Level: 89
Fingerprint: 0xfca426fe
Item Level: 93
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Paladin Skill Levels
+20% Faster Cast Rate
Replenish Life +10
+14 to Mana
Regenerate Mana 10%
All Resistances +7
Weapon: 1.07 eth BA Grief or Grief PB
Shield: [email protected] Sacred Targe Spirit
Belt: Arachnid Mesh/Dungo/crafted OW
Rune Cord
Mithril Coil
Defense: 63
Durability: 10 of 16
Required Level: 78
Required Strength: 106
Fingerprint: 0x39cfee0
Item Level: 65
Version: Expansion
4% Life stolen per hit
15% Chance of Open Wounds
+14 to Strength
+121 to Life
Lightning Resist +28%
Poison Resist +8%
Rings: 20/249 Raven + Raven/Nature's Peace/ Angelic/Wisp
Gloves: Trang Claws
Boots: upped Waterwalks/Gore Riders/Sandstorm

Switch: 14bo cta and spirit


Allresist: 42/18 GC, 28/15 GC, 19/5 SC, 17/3 SC, [email protected]/5fhr SC
Fire resist: 20/11, 20/11, 20/10, 17/10, 16/10, 16/10, 15/11
Lightning resist: 20/11, 19/10, 18/10, 20/9
Poison resist: 20/10, 19/11, 19/11
Attack rating: 20/34, 20/32, 19/36, 18/35, 17/35, 17/31, 16/35, 20/27, 18/29, 19/27, 15/33, 3/18/18, 3/13/20
Life/Mana: 20/14, 20/14, 19/16, 19/16

Yes, I don't really have non-dr helm option. Obvious candidate would be 1.07 Shako for those who want. I have some potential circlets, but nothing good. I could use another CoA socketed with AR jewels or something. There are some options for sure. Everything else is self explanatory. Regarding weapons, have in mind that by using BA Grief I also need Highlord's or any other source of IAS to hit 4 frame zealing. With PB that is not needed. BA is stronger because it also adds range to your zealing and that is not a small thing at all. I use all of the options as I see fit and I choose quite randomly. Generally I don't go 50 DR% because that either means I must use 20 fcr amulet and PB as well, or I teleport slower. It is not a deal breaker, but not something I like to do for FFA. For 1v1 against Barb or something, sure, no problem.

Superior Enigma I made today. Till now played with LP Enigma, but this one adds 1500 defense more which does make a difference when you battle those barbs or other melee characters and all I payed is 1 stat point to make it done. When using Gore Riders, you must also pay attention that you maintain max block, so along with Gore Riders goes second Ravenfrost, but normally it is more profitable to use Oak in melee matches than go without it. GR are also a thing when you don't need block obviously, but I usually don't use them at all.

Important point should be made on ATMA bug weapon. If you are not into it, you can use phaseblade and be equally strong. Sadly I didn't record when I used mainly phaseblade weapon (it does look more stylish!), but killing is quite similar to the one at video. With PB you do like 15% less damage, and that is not really felt in PvP. Axe is here mostly for range. It could be a good idea to make Grief into regular BA. You don't need indestructible weapon in PvP, there durability is not used as much as in PvM, and range from BA is welcomed. So, if you are not into bugging weapons, you can still make equally strong zealot as mine. You can't tell the difference, really. I killed same opponents with both weapons and what made difference is Highlord's who sped up the killing in comparison to Angelic. If someone doesn't wanna battle against eth BA, I can easily use PB. I kinda alternate between them anyway.

[highlight]ZEALOT IN PVP[/highlight]

... is quite strong if you ask me. He is quite similar to windy in a way when he stomps something, he does tons of damage as you can see in video below. Charge/Smite is powerhouse as well able to kill almost anything. Zeal is really great, quite similar to WW, except there is no annoying bug to stop you from pounding on your opponent! First Zeal hit comes at frame 4 which makes Zealot quite deadly stomper, especially because for Zeal you can click on ground and whack, he will hit whatever comes in range. Kinda like "fire at will" order from star trek.

His only, and I mean only really hard opponent is any sort of hammerdin paladin. Against those it is super hard to battle because you can't approach them, you can't really wait for them to come (they are invisible)... it is like fighting an impossible match. Anything else beside that is doable. Block characters surely have the upper edge, but remember, you have Zeal and you can then swap to Smite + Charge and repeat. I did kill block windys with that. Maybe some smiter will be a pain to deal with. But, that is it from what I can tell. Remove paladins from a game and you have a character that can beat everything and is quite scary to face. One charge lock can easily end the match, one zeal stomp too...

Another way of playing PvP zealot is by using 2h weapon, but trust me, that is a lot weaker because, even though you could kill casters faster, but how do you plan on making up that 35 FCR from Spirit and how do you plan on battling barbs or assassins? Charge and pray? I mean, yes, that is definitely other way to build and play zealot, but 1h weapon + shield is where PvP variant is. two handers are for PvM.

[highlight]ZEALOT VS BVC[/highlight]

I usually compare those two characters because they seem quite similar to me, with some differences. Zealot is ultimate melee paladin, while BvC is ultimate melee barb. Whirlwind and Zeal hit at similar pace, with difference Zeal's first hit is interruptible, while Whirlwind is not. Whirlwind can perform dual hit, Zeal cannot. With damage output those two skills are comparable and similar. Whirlwind is movable skill, with Zeal you stand and whack. Big advantage to Zeal is it does not bug like hell like Whirlwind does when you perform whirling over screen wide range just because of ping and take damage in the process. With Zeal you whack at something and then you can swap to Smite/Charge at will to do even more damage.

BvC obviously has more life and is more durable versus casters, but I wouldn't say that he is more dangerous. Zealot has Charge, and that makes him annoyingly invisible even if used for a second. I prefer to not use Charge too much because of that unlike before when I charged like a maniac and didn't care. Zealot has block and is obviously better prepared to face physical characters than BvC is.

Overall, by playing both characters a lot, I must say Zealot feels a lot stronger. Whirlwind is just too hard to cast unless you have really great ping or self host, but even there for Whirlwind to work you must be precise, while for Zeal you just click and whack + you also have imba Charge+Smite combo. I can say for a fact that Zealer is a lot more dangerous than BvC is and will kill you really fast easily unlike barb who has to work much more to earn his kills.

[highlight]FINAL THOUGHTS[/highlight]

Zealot is strong PvP character and among most dangerous too. I would recommend other players to try this build out, you might be surprised how easily it can kill something. See the video below for practical examples of his power. First part of video is about charge abuse (I don't do that in this degree anymore because it is really annoying to fight something you don't see), and second part demonstrates the power of zealstomp. Zealot is quite rewarding character when you learn how to play him efficiently. But be warned, you have to act fast or you won't do much with him. Zealot requires namelocking to kill. You can't just whack on ground and hope something will come your way just like that.

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