shadow warrior skill lvl


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Sep 26, 2006
shadow warrior skill lvl

okay.. i read somewhere something about shadow warrior getting insane trapper dmg etc. so i am wondering

to do this.. get for instance: lvl 30 Ls, which is also synergised at lvl 30

what do you have to do? do you have to max all these skills? or do you have to put one point in them? how do you calculate a shadow warriors skill lvl with a skill?

edit: this is maybe written a bit confusing.. i have to aplogice for that.. i am way over my own understanding of mechanics in this game so... :smiley:

thx alot man..
Long ago, I started a thread on that topic and among others, Uzziah made a very detailed rationale to build a Shadowteacher assassin

In short summary
Your SW or SM will use her skill at "Your skill LVL"/2 +SW LVL /3

Most interesting in that her synergies are taking into account the base number of your skill (+20 LS if maxed) but the + skill as well !!!
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