Selling Full Rejuvination potions, is this an untapped market? der


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Oct 27, 2006
Selling Full Rejuvination potions, is this an untapped market?

Using my popper for mfing, I often come across 2-3 full juvs at a time. They seem to build up very quick, so I had the idea of trading them for services or items. One game a paladin entered, not knowing that I was only offering full juvs. He offered Hotspurs, I asked "how many juvs you want?" then he proceded to laugh at me and call me a "n00b".

There are people out there who need fulljuvs, and are willing to do quests for me or give me items. So far I've gotten theese items for full juvs, 2 Swordbacks(18-20 juvs each), 1 Goblintoe boots(15 juvs), 1 cleglaw glove(10 juvs), 1 twichroe armor(20 juvs), 1 Goldwrap Belt(15 juvs).

I've also gotten theese quests by giving full juvs, Hell act2, Hell act3, Hell act4. Hell Izzual 2 times, Hell Diablo once.

This is on UsWest, Softcore Ladder.

What's your opinion on the full juvs thing? Am I "nooby" like the din said, or creative?
the noob is the din. that being said I don't know anyone that would give hot spurs for jubs.

lazy dins are periodically willing to pay $10-20k each on east. they'd rather spend time raiding, than taking out the easily found champs in act 1 that often drop two juvs each.

I've sold full juvs for as much 25k for gambling, but haven't ever traded any for 'help' or for items.

that being said, I help/self rush myself.

I'm remaking my lvl 91 hammer din. so far, he's lvl 75, nearly 76 after an afternoon of playing... I think I've got two skill quests left, two of the easem's tome quests, and the 'life' quest in all 3 acts still... it's nice to save some of that for when one bumps up against that 'wall' in the late 80s and ya' feel like you're not making progress :p
ive seen a couple of you guys selling juves on west....i usually just pay 20k per and grab the whole load. i am teh lazy. :jig:
Plenty of people sell juvs, but for me it's more gold to use my MF/GF barb and better items too, but I guess some people with weaker chars prefer this.
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