Saying Goodbye to D2


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Aug 17, 2004
Saying Goodbye to D2

I know its been awhile since i posted anything but you know life get in the way. Anyways I wanted to say goodbye to d2 officially in the forums. It was a good long run for me and d2 almost like 5 yrs or something crazy like that. Well let me get to the point of all this. I will be giving away all my accounts if I remember correctly should be about 4 or 5 of them. I dont have alot of stuff but some neat thing. I have like 4 annis, lots of sorc skill charms, 1 enig, 1 coh and other stuff that would be useful to any player. Oh yea and some kick *** fire claw druid stuff that should be in what was gonna be a new maul druid. Now heres how you can get my accounts. One, More then 200 post on this forums. Second if you are rich dont attempt at trying to get my account,dont be greedy as there are people who probably need this more then you. I hope Garbad can help out sniffing out people who are less deserving of these accounts. And third guess a number between 1-50. Whoever guesses correctly gets all my accounts. Well it was fun while it lasted but its time to call it quits ..... and move on to WOW, yep so whoeever play WOW now give me a pm we will play sometime!! And good luck to everyone

EDIT* Thanks voice Im in East realm!
Sorry to see ya go hope you have fun on WoW. I could use the enigma to help rush my friends, but since i could prob. easily trade for one if I ever got off my butt to trade (been busy) I think others would probably need it more. Only thing is its really hard to find out who needs what etc etc.

HAVE FUN IN WHATCHA DO !!!!!!!!! :buddies: :winner: :clap:

edit: might want to state what realm you are on.

Well if you are on ladder I am intrested. I might not be the most worthy recpiant of this stuff but it will help. My wind druid could really use that nigma, but life is life, meh. Sigh. oh yah number. Hmm Why not my b-day? 13.
I remember you Pichi!

Sad to see you leave buddy, I quit D2 a long time ago too but I haven't quit these forums yet. Anyways, enjoy your new found won't last for long..:D
TheUnchosen said:
I remember you Pichi!

Sad to see you leave buddy, I quit D2 a long time ago too but I haven't quit these forums yet. Anyways, enjoy your new found won't last for long..:D

Ya sure freedom he is going to play WoW not much freedom comming anytime soon!!
WoW RoX! My bet is 37 ! GL everybody, and for a fair distribution of wealth I'd consider choosing 4/5 random numbers and giving each an acc.
Cool I have wanted to start an account in East. Will be great to kick off with that, and well my guess is 13.

If i didnt got it correct hope to have some decent items to kick start with !
Well, I'm just starting up again. I had an account, but all my characters expired. I have one character so far (level 20 druid, going to be a fire druid, so that equipment could really help). I suppose I'll guess...27. MY lucky number. Hopefully, I'll get this, would be awesome.
Even though i'm poor and I play west, I would like to participate with the numbers, but I don't want any accounts if I win... :thumbsup:

#11 my lucky number is it.

Bye, Pichi! :wave: I remember your daily funny thread, fun while it lasted.
I won't be participating in the contest since I don't play on Bnet.
I'd just like to remind you that the WoW forums are only a quick hop away, so the druid forum is likewise always here with it's easy going atmosphere. Remember to check in on us now and then. Have fun on WoW, I guess a few druid members will also participating in it.

just post one more joke, i loved those :love:
enjoy WoW, and remember play a shapeshifter druid :).
and if you happen to bump into Grizabella, say hi :howdy:

-jordy :king:
Well so far no winner. I wont split it up into 4 winners since 1 account holds most of the goodies and would be fair, if other people got lesser stuff. Now you can be nice if you win all acounts and share the loot with other people =). So 1 person take all! So you all want a joke huh. Alright I will see which joke I post up. But for now keep guessing and good luck!!
No more guesses huh? Oh yea I also wanted to mention these are all non ladder accnts and chars although I do have cool ladder gear, like P up Zak, Up UM Viceratuant ( I believe it was 62 or 72% block on sorcy which either is sexy and only like 10X str require), andy mask, azurewrath. Well I said I would post up one more joke so I will. Since most of us on these forums I think are guys, I think we will all enjoy this joke. Now this is an implied joke, whatever you make of it, thats up to you =P.

One day a woman steps out of her house to get a breath of fresh air when she notices something perculiar happening at her neighbor's house. She sees a woman cuting her lawn while her husband lies in a lawn chair sipping on a cool frosty beer. She becomes apalled and infuriated at this sight, so much so that she barges straight over there. She stands right in front of the man and says, you bastard, you should be hung. To this the man cooly looks up at her and says, Damn right!
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