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Jun 27, 2003

What's the best type of shield to make Sanctuary in? or should i say .. What's the best shield that has a good blocking for all the class? According to Arreat Summit, Hyperion and Aegis have best blocking. Only problem is Hyperion is the worse looking shield and Aegis has high Strength requirement :lol: . Is it worth to make Sanctuary in Monarch? What about Pavise Troll Nest? Please post your Sanctuary shield types :worship: :worship:

Thanks you!!
Hyperion (Hyperions?) aren't all that ugly. I used to make 'Rhyme' Hyperions all the time in lieu of using a Stormshield I didn't have... they worked great. I can only imagine how much better a 'Sanctuary' Hyperion would be.

If secks is all you're concerned with though, definitely go with Troll Nest or Monarch... Monarch only if you can afford the str req. I made a Troll Nest in season 1 for my Javazon and refused to give it up for Storm.
Here's some options with highest base def listed:

Troll Nest
173 def 106 str Light ~45% block 3 soc max

161 def 219 str Heavy ~49% block 4 soc max

148def 156 str Heavy ~47% block 4 soc max

135 def 127 str Medium~49% block 3 soc max

Personal favorite:

Tower Shield
25 def 75 str Heavy ~49% block 3 soc max

Using that, you can see how Hyperion can be really good (easy to get a 3 soc one.. high block.. not too steep str, good def, and medium weight). But it's all personal preference.

*edit* makes you feel better lucky.. my first one was 70 :(
I stopped making them.. I'll use a Moser's unless I really need one,then I'll trade for one with atleast 65. :p I have bad luck like that. Last 2 HotOs.. 32 and 30. My first one was 38 though. :)

I made my first one with Blade Barriers, now I want to try something new. Plus it turned out to be 57 resist :rant:
Three socket hyperion's are so easy to find, and they offer the best block...who cares about looks? If you have a sorc that wears shako then there's not reason why you shouldn't use a sanctuary on a character. Shako is sooo ugly.

PS: I wasn't aware that the mods differed so much when I made one, luckily it was 67% so I was pleased.
How about a Kurast Shield? I found one that has 158 base def with 124 str req and it has 26 resist all already and 3 sockets. I'm thinking of making sanctuary with this.
158 base defense with 26% resist all is pretty good, but you can do better. Personally, if I were using up all those runes on a shield only a Paladin could use, I'd be a little more picky... although finding a better one with 3 sockets can also get quite tiresome.

Just for reference, the absolute best you can do is 45% resist all base... meaning with a perfect 'Sanctuary' roll you'd have a whopping 115%. That's overkill if you ask me, but the secks factor and bragging rights would far outweigh that.

As for defense, blocking, and str reqs:
[U]shield type    defense range  base blocking  strength req[/U]
[B]Sacred Targe[/B]      126-158          60%            86
[B]Sacred Rondache[/B]   138-164          58%           109
[B]Kurast Shield[/B]     154-172          55%           124
[B]Zakarum Shield[/B]    169-193          52%           142
[B]Vortex Shield[/B]     182-225          51%           148

... I don't know why I've been in the mood to go look up so many numbers lately.
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