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Dec 3, 2006

Still a noob to this site, where would i post if i wanted co-ordinate some rushings for characters, both offering rushes, and wanting to recieve them?

for that matter anyone have a character they want rushed for a rush in return? ;)
1. Player match-up forum.

2. Make sure you tell us realm and ladder / non-ladder

3. Meke sure you leave your account name so we could message you, it is usualy easier to message you on bnet than it is to post here and wait for a response.

4. Listing available times can help too, as many people here surf forums from work or another place where they don't have a computer.

Welcome to the forums, notice all of the great sub-forums, they have more information than anyone ever could need. Also, the search function is very helpful, especially the advanced search where you can search a sub-forum for one key word and 95% of the time find exactly the information you wanted.

Have a good day!
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