Right ho, I'm off.


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Feb 16, 2004
Right ho, I'm off.

Well, exam season draws closer.

I have a lot of work to do and the thought of coming to these forums is very much appealing. Im sure we've all sat around for a few hours clicking aimlessly.

Anyhoo, after the exams are over, i'll be going back home from uni for christmas and new year, where i will be unlikely to post (damn dial up :lol: ) plus i wont have my computer with me, so no playing time.

Anyway, didnt want you all to worry about where i'd gone away to - believe me, it will be a worse place for the next few weeks.

Everyone have fun - have a happy christmas and a fantasic new year.

See you in January.

Take care :)

And I thought you wanted to leave us... :lol: Then I'll look forward to Januar! :thumbsup:

I never had problems posting during exam periods, so you'll be back sometime during next week, I suppose.

Anyway, have a nice holiday time :)
What kind of exams are they, if I may ask?

Have a great holiday. Don't study too hard... :cheesy:


Edit: Sweet, palindromatic post count (1661)! That doesn't happen every day.
Take it easy Silo, you will be missed in our OT thread. Looking forward to seeing you back here in January. Good luck with your exams at uni, they are important to securing your future. Take care! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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