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RFL Spring 2020 Update


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Mar 14, 2020
Hi All!
Just as a heads up, I plan to post Round 1 RFL results thead here, hopefully tomorrow, and then I will also post about a day later on the old forum. My hope is that everyone will post the haul pics and reflections here, and I will PM anyone who posts at old forum and encourage them to move over here. I plan to post Round 2 sign up thread only here, hopefully on Saturday depending on work schedule.

Also, if you haven't sent results for Round 1, please feel free to PM me here @TMT @Xios @maxicek

Edit: Forgot to mention, I was thinking of opening a Meet the Runefinders thread, similar to Meet the Olympians thread for MFO. This would be for all three RFL rounds, but a way to compile the great theory crafting and video demonstration of runs from each round's running thread. Hopefully people could post details on their runners in this new thread, which would make it easier for people to find great info on build, gear and gameplay (from vids) in one place.
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