Remaining skill points

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Aug 2, 2006
Remaining skill points

After reading Fishy's Skelliemancer guide, it says that at level 76 I should be done with this build. However, if I do the skill quests I'll finish at 64. What I'm wondering is what to do with those last remaining points? I'll most likely put some points into some other curses for multiplayer games, so we'll add around 4-5 points there. So level 69, but what should I do with the rest? Should I go for maxing out golem mastery to make gumby very durable. With gumby alive, he can slow them down enough without me using decrep, which leaves me open to amp or any other curses that I may need at the time.

Help please :undecided:
well, its best not to put them into bonespear/bonespirit, as without the synergies theyre near useless. id probably put them into a more useful curse. you could use it for skelly mage, but the guide doesnt like mages apparently. another alternative would be to put a few into revive. theyre useful in ubers as the urdars do a lot of damage and may help you a lot.
Welcome to the wild, wild world of the undead!

It really depends on your playing style. I decided to add skellie mages to my list of things to max. Having a dozen or more mages running around adds to the fun in my game.

I've seen people dump points into Dim Vision to blanket the entire screen and a bit beyond, but that wasn't my style. If you have a really favorite curse then this might be useful for your game play.

The max CE is what most people recommend. I've been kinda stingy and use my +skillers for that. I may eventually max CE, but I'm in no hurry. Some have put points into the golem mastery for a buffed golem set, but my gumby dies infrequently and is just a cast away. I wouldn't put points into revive. I have a hard enough time trying to keep those revives I have up and running due to the 3 minute timer. More points into revive would be not used since I don't think I could maintain them.

You could go defensive if you're hard core. Put a point into BA and buff it's synergies. (wierdly if you add points to BA it'll go up by 10 points, if you add points to the synergies it'll go up by 15 points).

Basically, it's dependent on your playing style. I've got over a dozen points left at level 82 and am leaning toward maxxing my CE, but I'm in no hurry.

Good luck and Good Hunting,
well it depends... i went

20 raise skelly
20 skelly mastery
20 summon resist
20 corpse explosion
then one in
golem mastery
skelly magi
put a couple in clay...put that slow % up acouple
one in decrep + all the prereq's

thats 91...i think...i know im missing lvl 92...grr thats gunna make me mad

if u want to max magi out...or something...i dont know...but yea maxing only some of the boneskills is worthless (ie bonespear) ...u need them all to have some sure what else ud want to do...u max skellies and win...
Well thanks I guess, skellies should do it. I'd have more firepower, more monsters to help me last longer, and I guess if I had put them into golem mastery it'd be somewhat useless since I could always re-summon ol' gumby again. Thanks guys.
Actually.. I did put one skill into bonespear XD but that was to get some corpses in the early lvls
Why did you put 20 into summon resist...... id say that putting 20 random points into poison dagger would be a better altenrative than that. Summon resist suffers one of the worst diminsishing returns in the game, at higher lvls, it will only go up 1% every 3-4 skill points invested, and frankly, thats just not worth it. Putting those points into mages allows you to have double the minions and destory those stone skin phy immunes with the might of MAGES!!!!
and lower resist makes the damages that the mages do worthwhile. The poison mages also prevent monster heal, so with about 4 or 5 poison mages, you can keep all monsters on screen from healing for over 5 minutes at decent levels.
I have 2 fishys, 1 is 88 one is 90 and I am probably gonna make a new one to refine even further.

Basically you have points that are considered by most to be essential to the build.

20 RS
20 SM
1 minimum in RSM (prereq for Revive)
1 in gumby
1 in golem mastery
1 each in Blood and Iron golems (prereqs for revive)
1 in Revive (1 point wonder)
1 in Summon Resist (1 point wonder)

Decrep and prereqs (3pts)

1 in Teeth (Prereq for CE)
20 CE
1 in BA if you must have it.

72 Points that I would consider as a base for any fishy build.

After that everything else is optional.

RSM Maxed (highly recommended if ubering, and still good if not)
Other AI curses (they all have uses so 1 point in every curse is always handy)
Put more in Amp for duration and radius
Put more in Gumby and/or Golem Mastery
Put more in summon resist (diminishing returns here, would not recommend maxing)
Put more in Revives (more is good if ubering)

At the end of the day its up to you and how you play though.
After you have maxed all the skills you use I would suggest one point into bone armor and the rest into bone prison... Just as stated before the syn's of bone armor are better than the actual thing since they give 15% over the 10%. Also if someone hostils you and attacks you can prison him and then cast iron maiden if they dont have a form of teleport, that way forcing them to hurt themselves or having your army kill them... Its an option ^_^
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