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Relapse needed. Please help!


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Jul 7, 2006
Relapse needed. Please help!

Hey everybody,

I finally have enough free time to start playing d2 again. Sat down very excited to install it for the hundredth time but it won't seem to work. I keep getting an error message (error 36 i believe) when I have the play disk portion of the install going. I've never been the most technologically gifted, but it's on a new macbook pro so it shouldn't be a problem with the computer right? So with the disk? Does anyone know if there is any way to fix it without buying new CDs? I'm not sure I described the situation in the best way but any help would be greatly appreciated; I am determined to put out a set of new guardians!

Thanks in advance,
Re: Relapse needed. Please help!

I know nothing of Macs, but there is this guide that might be helpful (also don't know, I haven't read it).
Re: Relapse needed. Please help!

@RSS: I've never seen that error before, and I recently (~3 months ago) installed D2 on a 13"unibody mbp, so I suspect it's a problem with the disc.

At Blizzard.com somewhere you can download the complete game. All you need is your cd keys and a few minutes to download the stuff.

I'll do a bit of hunting to see if I can find out what that error code is about.

Also, if you want to check the discs, open Disc Utility (Applications-->Utilities-->Disk Utility) and verify the D2 disc using the button on the lower right of the screen.

Best of luck! And it's good to have another mac user around, for sure!
Re: Relapse needed. Please help!

I've had a similar problem with broken discs... fortunatley if you go to battle.net and register your CD keys they have free downloads... just do that, and you can play without the disc.
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