reinstalled d2 getting erros when playing (coooooooooooooo5) der=0


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Dec 9, 2006
reinstalled d2 getting erros when playing (coooooooooooooo5)

so after a few mins of play i get that unhandled exception error cooooo5 or whatever, runin d2 lod v 1.11b playing on battle net when it happens
Standard Diablo2 unhandled exception. Check the FAQ troubleshooter on's web page. They suggest re-installing, but if it continuously happens I'd rather know what's the real cause behind it (they've never said).
try re-copying the mpq files from the cd's to your d2 install folder, one of them might be corrupt
I've been having those a lot as well, lately, to the point my game became unplayable. Reinstalling worked, but yes, it might be enough to just copy your .mpq files from the cd to your DII folder. Let us know how it worked out, a lot of people have this problem.
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