Reclaim your old posts


Guide Author
Dec 24, 2019
The epic work to move across the old content seems to be moving towards a conclusion. I'm not going to name everyone who has been involved in case I miss someone, but you can see who from the posts in the archive forum. It has been an epic undertaking, I can't thank enough everyone who got involved.

@Rush has added new functionality to the forum that allows moderators to reassign owners to post. I can also change the dates too, but this is a bit more tricky.

Reclaiming Posts

  • Post a list of links to posts (not threads) in this thread.
  • Lets say start with no more than 12 per user to begin with, then we can do a second round depending on demand

Reclaiming Threads
  • If you were the original thread starter, you can reclaim a thread (e.g. old tournaments)
  • Post link to the thread
  • include the original thread date and I will change the thread start date

I will leave this in the main forum for a while, so people see it. I will sticky it in the archive when it starts sinking too far down.