Re(possibly re-re, can't remember)intro... What have I missed? de


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Dec 22, 2003
Re(possibly re-re, can't remember)intro... What have I missed?

I'm currently installing Diablo II right now from the downloads, and will start the LoD install once that's done... I hope it all works, since I have CD keys, but maybe 1 in 3 of my discs are still in working condition, so its down to the download (and things that tend to work fine on other computers always have a way of doing the complete opposite on mine).

When I last played I was approximately 20 minutes away from beating hell baal with my fishy, and it would have been my first ever game completion (I have very little patience with end game stuff... I like leveling and building characters). I'm not sure if this character still exists on my comp, if he does, Baal here I come, if he doesn't... time to restart. I'm thinking either another fishy, or perhaps something else (suggestions? I was working on a blizzsorc too, maybe I'll go with that).

Anyways, its great to be back, and hopefully between this, the actual game, school, a band, and the other forum that I'm on, I'll have time to have a life too.
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