raven+soj or 2* sojs


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Jul 26, 2004
raven+soj or 2* sojs

I recently started to rebuild my orb sors and i have a big dilema, so i am asking u to help me out.

I am now at lvl 75 with only 57 block using 2* sojs. I am thinking of using 1 raven instead of soj to compensate the dex and can not be frozen.

What do u usually guys wear; 2 sojs or raven + soj?, i mean mostly for pvp
Ok, if you are blocking I would defenitly go with raven/soj. This will give you the important +dex and mana. CBF is really irrelevant on a sorceress since you teleport most of the time. BTW what shield are you using? Raven also help a lot in SvS with 20% cold absorb.
I am using storm socketed cold rbf, what does CBF stands for?, i builded now dex a litle so block is 67 without ravens, i am still thinking of pushing dex so i can have 2 sojs on and max block at the same time, i just wanted to know if u guys always have 1 raven on, or u swap it for a soj.
CBF stands for "Cannot Be Frozen"

Most sorcs just usually max dex if they go full block, not depending on an item to acheive something really loosens the possiblities

For example, what if while facing a though barb you meet an annoying fire sorcs?

Without the raven you can use dwarf stars to absorb the sorcs while still having max block to deal with the barb

just my 1.75 cents :innocent:

Cannot be frozen is a pretty useless mod on a Sorceress (unless you are thinking along the lines of PvP or a melee Enchant Sorceress...). Beiing frozen/chilled does not affect your casting speed and you can teleport, so there is no point for Ravenfrost.

About the added Dex: Well i think +1 skills +25% mana is ALOT better damage wise and mana wise than added some dex and mana. +1skills will boost your damage in ALL trees. That added 20 dex just cuts off some of the Dex you need to invest, but those points will be not be lost. Your +1 skills will be.

2xSoj all the way :)
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