Rabies/Summoner hybrid possibilities?


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Nov 19, 2004
Rabies/Summoner hybrid possibilities?

This is my first post in any of these forums, so i'll try not to screw up too bad..anyways:

I was wondering if it would be possible/viable to have a druid who focused mainly on summons, with a max grizzly, upped/maxed dire wolves, points in either HoW or oak sage(if i can find any spare points) max poison creeper, and then have a point in werewolf and get a decent/max rabies and some points in lycanthropy?

I'm not sure if it will work or not, and i would appreciate some input about possiblities/variations. Ive seen a couple fury/rabies guides, but i wanted to know if there was an effective way to have summons as a main force and still be effective thoughout the game.

Ive also heard of the carrion wind thing, which would free up 20 skill points from PC, but im not sure how expensive it would be for me to get one.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

thank you.
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Ok, the maximum amount of skill points a character can get is 110 if I calculated correctly. Since level 99 is very slow to reach, 85 sounds more attainable which gives 96 points.
Lets see how those could be distributed.
1 oak sage
20 heart of wolverine, for summons damage
0-20 poison creeper, rabies synergy
1 raven
1-X spirit wolf, increases attack rating and defence of animal summons
1-Y dire wolf, increases life of animal summons
20 grizzly, increases damage of animal summons and a great tank
1 werewolf
1-Z lycantrophy
1 feral rage
20 rabies

If you spend the minimum amount of points you need 67 points which leaves 29 points. If you can't get hold of carrion wind you will need to max poison creeper which leaves you with 9 points to spend either in spirit or dire wolves for a tougher grizzly or lycantrophy for more life for your wolf.
If you can get a carrion wind I suggest maxing either spirit wolf or dire wolf whichever you like more and put the rest in lycantrophy.

If you are patient, you can choose to max oak sage instead of heart of wolverine which will leave your summons damage lacking, but will make them and your wolf much more durable.

I assumed this if for PvM, correct me if I'm wrong.

Don't be afraid to ask questions that might arise.
Have fun with your rabid summoner! :thumbsup:
thank you for the reply, that was pretty much what i was thinking when it comes to skill distribution.

and yes, this will be completely pvm

also, i was wondering if i could get a rough price of what a carrion wind ring would cost?

thank you
I don't know, I only play single player. :) You would probably get the best answer from an trading forum. Try searching first though.
ok, ill check the trading forums for the price, thank you

also, i could use some help with stats, would the usual stat placement work?enough str for gear, dex for block if i choose to use a sheild and the rest into vitality, or would there be a better way to do this?

thanks again for all the help
If this were my build, I'd go for max block, strength really isn't an issue, and I'd suggest keeping it as low as possible (since poison is your main attack).

I'd also place the 20 points into Poison Creeper. Because of your +skills, PC can be a great tool. When fighting multiple enemies, it does FAR more damage than is listed on the skill.
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