quick questions about fury/rabies druid


Oct 30, 2006
quick questions about fury/rabies druid

so I made two different druids
1) one was the enigma route which allowed me to put more points in vita and gave me like 26k rabies dmg and had like 6.5K life
2) second was with bramble and forced me to put alot of pts in str and dex for max block and i got like 48K rabies but like 4K life

if i go route with enigma, and switch to bramble sometimes, i cant hold s/s and there goes my block. what would u guys suggest? which is more important, life or damage?

i got 16/x anni and 16/x torch
This might not be the same for everyone, but i put a few points into str and some in dex for reasonable block (70%ish). I carry a stormshield and have both enigma and bramble in my stash. To equip ss, i put on enigma, then i put on my bramble. My enigma is in ap and bramble is in dusk shroud i think. I know its a pain to keep 6 slots open for the ss when i pick it up if i die in a duel, but it lets me have more points into vitality, which werewolf druids excel in. the stormshield carries itself once it is on and once i switch to my bramble, i have about 44kish rabies. without it i think i have about 25-26kish rabies.

My problem is, switching rings from soj/raven/2shapeshift ammy to angelics for high defense builds loses rabies dmg....
i was doing that on my first character but when i switched to deathsweb, i cant hold psn monarch or wear bramble. right now, my gear at the moment is ebotdz, enigma/bramble, gores, trangs, cats eye, dungos, dual ravens, jalals and dweb and psn monarch on switch.

and i absolutely suck against smiters cuz they completely negate shield and i have not been able to find eth tombreaver
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