quick question about last wish and weapon ed


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Jul 7, 2006
quick question about last wish and weapon ed

does the last wish might aura count as a weapon enhanced damage bonus? or is it just like say, the ed bonus from fortitude, and regular auras.
oh ok thanks, hey since its an aura, if a barb wears two of them, the auras would add together right?
hmm sounds godly, makes me wanna make a barb and test that out compaired to like... duel botds
But hey, TvT with amazon - last wish + beast (ofc if the ama has Faith, then 2x LW) = godly supported amazon with BO and sh*t :) who needs pallys anyway :p
Except that LW has no IAS, so you won't hit the bp for WW.
bah who needs a break point when you have an enormus number on your character sheet :laugh:
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