Question on Rabies/Fire claw werewolf


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May 17, 2006
Question on Rabies/Fire claw werewolf

my char is currently at level 65 and has almost all the right pvp gear (only thing im missing is stormshield n cerebus) but i have 6 ss gcs and im only doing 3-3.5k dmg for fire claws and 2k dmg for rabies, my rabies and fire claw is maxed and i have 20 into fissure and like 10 into volcano for bonuses but my question is will the damages get higher? i was looking at the one pvp guide and it said he had 33k rabies dmg and 9k fire claw with the same gear i have, do i just need to keep leveling and max out fissure and volcano?
The guide is probably still revolving around the Carrion Wind bug. what it was was that if you didn't put a hard point into the skill a "charge" item gave it would count towards synergies. So you would have a lvl 21 Synergized Creeper for the Rabies. That bug has been fixed so Flaming Rabies isn't nearly as good.
awesome i just wasted all this time, shouldn't that guide be deleted or have something that says that, or did i miss that
There were a few discussions about it in the past. But yeah, for PvP you pretty much wasted your time : /.
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