question about the Witchwild String


Apr 29, 2004
question about the Witchwild String

I gonna make a summon druid, and i was planning to use a upgraded Witchwild String, but am i gonna kill monsters in hell easy with this bow???
and should i still put skills in volcano and fissure if i using the Witchwild String.
Hope you guys can tell me more, i am researching this druid build for a while now, just want to know i don't screw this one up.
Thx guys

I have a upped WWS using summoner in NM act 5 now. He can kill quite well (not that fast though) in 8 players. My merc is a rouge using Goldstrike (though i have been contemplating giving her a upped WWS as well)

With regards to whether you should use the fireskills at all will boil down to 1 question - who's tanking for you?

Personally, I couldn't afford a fully decked up NM HF or Might merc, so I couldn't find a easy way to keep him alive, esp against boss packs. Thus, I went the path of Rouge + maxed out bear, direwolf and HoW for tanking purposes. This gave me only about 20+ skill points left over so I'm taking the path of Poison Creeper for a full blown summoner-ranger build.

If you decide to go fire, just make sure ur merc or bear can stand the onslaught. Even at 25/25 (i got no summon GCs) a cursed, extra strong boss takes him down in less than 10 secs. You might want to go Oak instead of HoW but AR will be a problem. (Angelics?) Even with Demon Limb, my Ar is around 7000+ odd only, I would need to strip my other characters for dmg/ar charms soon.

There is a nice general guide about Druid Summoners in the sticky on top of this forum, you should take a look, along with that Poison Creeper Guide by ElectricBlue somewhere.
And your summoned animals then? can they kill the monsters on hell easy?
And how easy can you kill the monsters on hell with the upgraded Witchwild String.
I think Diurd said he was in act 5 nightmare.

If you compare druids bow skills to that of an amazon there is no competition. As a part of a group I would think WWS is a good source of damage, especially with it's amplify damage. My untwinked huntermentalist with it's nonupgraded Kuko kills reasonably in nightmare. Since monsters in hell have stupidly high life I would need a better weapon for hell, something like WWS or better yet, an upgraded one with a shael. :drool:
I'm still in NM with my lvl 63 summoner, using a wws non-upped. I shaeled and 15 maxed the bow and it does respectable damage in baal runs and does great in late nm when alone. I'm going pure summon skills, HoW Creeper Dire Grizzly, and will let you know how the upped wws does in hell (this weekend)

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