Question about Poison


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Mar 23, 2005
Question about Poison

Whats the best way to fight poison if you could only pick one

Poison length reduction or +max Poison resistance in both casses assume 75 resistance.

If it matters this is pvp and the types of poison involved are rabies + poison nova and i can only pick one type of absorb so need to know what works best.
You can get -75% poison duration from Death's gloves. In Hell, that will set your poison duration to 125% that of normal. So a 1k poison nova that usually does 2k damage will only do 1250. If you for some reason or other decided to get +15% max poison res, you would take 40% of your regular damage, so a 1k nova the does 2k normally would instead do 800.

Basically, because of the Hell effect on poison duration, max res will almost always be worth more. However, -% duration is far easier to get, notably Death's Gloves. So yeah...

P.S.: If I find that I actually care, I'll go find some support for my -100% Poison Duration in Hell belief. Only if I care though...
Both of course...
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