Question about Lightning Strike


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May 24, 2008
Question about Lightning Strike

The wiki says this:

"This skill is extremely powerful against mid-sized groups of monsters, but less useful against huge mobs. It's almost useless against single targets."

Why does it say it is less useful against huge mobs? Don't you get more chain lightnings with each point?
Re: Question about Lightning Strike

Its definitely not nearly useless but LF is so much better at large crowds anyway.

It might be a problem with the next hit delay bug.
Re: Question about Lightning Strike

You should interpret that relative to the other skills. lighting fury gets much and much stronger with larger groups - due to piercing of the javelin, piercing of the bolts and the number of bolts. Thus, using it against larger groups is much better.

A second thing to remember is that when used against smaller groups, one monster might be hit more then once, resulting in a larger chance that you will kill it.

Sadly, this all just looks good on paper. In reality, there are but very few occasions where lightning strike will outperform lightning fury and charged strike.
Try some experimentation and you will see, it's not all that useful as it could be (probably due to next delay - which btw isn't a bug IIRC, just a feature that screws quite a few thing up).
Re: Question about Lightning Strike

I see. Thanks.

I guess when you add those factors to lightning strike being melee (and having to worry about a ton of melee gear and things) it all makes a big difference. I suppose it crashes games too? I'll go give it try on the PTR, if I can get on that is.
Re: Question about Lightning Strike

I think it's less of a graphics thing so I don't think it will crash games as fast. So it may have a use as anti crash skill for huge groups.

I 'know' atleast one person who uses it in p8 cow games in order to not crash the game, and it's still somewhat effective.
Try it and lets us know, there may be more use to it then we assume.
Re: Question about Lightning Strike

The reason is, with IM gone from Chaos runs, you can melee (fearlessly) and have 51 bolts of lightning hit stuff since the number of strikes goes up with each point. And at lev 50 it does 1-8473 damage (according to PPR's skill calculator) which seems like a lot. I looked up the next delay and it's only .16 seconds.

Edit: 30 bonus skills would be unlikely with the melee gear you would need, but it's nice anyway. Then again, with everyone flooding into Chaos (thanks to 1.13) now and pwning the place in under a minute, maybe I should just make a sorc and tele to baal instead, lol.
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